Which coaching is good for ethics GS4 For Civil Services?

As part of the main syllabus changes for the 2013 civil services test, the GS paper-4, titled Ethics Integrity and Aptitude, was introduced. The primary intent of the UPSC in including this as a part of the curriculum was to test the student’s aptitude, attitude, and evaluation of their approach to some issues relating to integrity, probity in public life, as well as their approach to problem-solving for a variety of issues and conflicts they encountered while dealing with the society.

where the exam is of a generalist nature and based on this, UPSC has been posing questions that call for the use of common sense while keeping ethical norms in mind. To obtain the greatest potential alternative, a serious applicant will hunt for some famous ethics foundation coaching in Delhi. For this, they must do a thorough search and survey. Therefore, in response to the results of the aforementioned study and student demand, one of the most renowned and reputable institutions, EDEN IAS, has developed an innovative course for ethics as a component of their UPSC foundation course best coaching for ethics upsc. This was done under the guidance and strict supervision of Mr. Tirthankar Roychowdhary Sir, who also wrote some of the books under his direction while keeping in mind the exam’s format.


  • The curriculum has a good layout. You will be given a topic-wise lecture outline at the start of the course so that you may have a general overview of the subjects that will be covered in the following class.
  • There will be an in-depth discussion of each topic on the syllabus. There won’t be a piecemeal or fragmented approach to teaching the material where each ethical idea is taught in isolation. Instead, the course has been structured such that it will follow a logical progression in which one notion will lead to the next, and, after that, we will be able to construct a full and unified framework of ethics in which everything can fit into its place.
  • There is a practice workbook and an exam in this course that are specifically for case studies. You can learn how to construct an ethical response with regular practice, or you can teach students how to build an ethics case study with daily questions based on curriculum-related course material.
  • To help students fully understand each subject, they also hold interactive note-taking sessions during each general session.
  • There will be full-length and segment tests administered after each main part and after the entire topic has been covered to familiarise students with the answer writing process and to provide them the opportunity to assess their performance.


Since the UPSC exam is now more dynamic and unpredictable, candidates will focus more on it if they can identify some areas that would be helpful in their preparation and could raise their scores.  Best coaching for ethics  The same is true for the subject of ethics because if the candidate can become an expert in this area, they will improve their score and overall ranking.

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