Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas & Offers (2020)


1. Tile Pro – 4 pcs

Help Dad never lose keys, wallet or valuables again

With a Tile-like Bluetooth tracking package that can be attached to any valuables, making them easy to find via a smartphone, this can be a very useful gift for certain fathers.

2. Amazon Echo Show 5, adjustable stand

A handy smart assistant that supports video calling

With Echo Show, you can not only stay in touch with your father over long distances with a 5.5-inch screen and video call support, but also provide him with an easy-to-use window to the Internet.

The Alexa Smart Assistant is built-in and is able to understand intuitive voice commands and questions, making it capable of providing news and more for even the least technical skills.

3. Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet

Great device for reading books and watching movies anywhere

Equipped with an 8-inch screen, this affordable tablet can hold thousands of books for up to 10 hours of reading on a single charge, or can be used as a viewing device for Amazon Prime Video or Netflix movies and presentations.

A father can also check his mail and stay in touch with his children and grandchildren thanks to the support of the camera and many video calling apps. It’s also great for casual gaming, and among many others, there are a number of fun one-sided multiplayer (and of course single-player) card and billiards games on offer.

The best Father’s Day gift ideas for under $ 150

1. Fitbit Charge 4 fitness and activity wristband

Built-in GPS, heart rate measurement, sleep tracking and more

When it comes to Father’s Day gift ideas for sports-minded (or simply health-conscious) fathers, a fitness monitoring could prove to be a wonderful fresh gift that can be useful in more ways than one.

Fitbit Charge 4 not only offers smart watch features like time and date, as well as smartphone notifications and controls, but the gym tends to inspire a healthier and more active lifestyle. Charge 4 also comes with a 90-day free Fitbit Premium that offers guides, workouts, personal insights and more.

The best Father’s Day gift ideas for under $ 200

1. Bose SoundLink Revolve

High quality portable Bluetooth speaker

Bose SoundLink Revolve offers deep and loud 360 surround sound and is a quality speaker choice for music-loving fathers. It’s also packed into a microphone to answer calls, and it takes up to 12 hours on a single charge.

2. Audio-Technica AT-LP60XBT-BK

One gorgeous vinyl record

This beautiful vinyl record player has Bluetooth support for high-precision wireless audio, so it can either connect to the speakers wirelessly or with the included dual RCA cable. It is fully automated with an anti-resonance, die-cast aluminum plate.

3. Fitbit Versa 2 health and fitness smartwatch

Health-focused smartwatch

If a fitness band isn’t as appealing to a dad as a smart watch, this model features the best of both worlds. It enjoys heart rate monitoring, music management, built-in Alexa and more. Fitbit Versa 2 is the perfect Father’s Day gift for boys and daughters who want to encourage their father to take better care of themselves. And even if he doesn’t use fitness features, it’s still a durable and stylish smart watch.

4. Nintendo Entertainment System Classic Edition (NES Classic)

Late 80s and early 90s nostalgia in a box

Many generations are nostalgic for the Nintendo Entertainment System and its games, and many of the fathers there are likely to love the NES Classic as a Father’s Day gift. It comes with 30 preloaded games and can be easily connected to a TV for hours of nostalgic gaming.

Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas Under $ 250

1. Samsung Galaxy Watch

Stylish and versatile smart watch

The Samsung Galaxy Watch has both a cool, timeless design that is sure to appeal to the many fathers out there, as well as all the smartwatch features you can expect. It is also durable, waterproof and military resistant. All of this makes it suitable for an outdoor father who loves hiking as much as a businessman.

2. Amazon Kindle Oasis

Amazon’s highest quality e-book reader

For fathers who love to read, this is arguably the biggest e-book reader you will buy for them as a Father’s Day gift. It’s the most advanced Kindle, with a 7-inch screen that’s easy on the eyes, and a lightweight, high-quality aluminum construction. It is also waterproof and lasts for weeks on a single battery charge.

3. Handmade display and laptop stand

A unique and personal workspace

Many old school customs still attach glass and plastic to wood. There’s nothing more than adding some ambiance to a workspace with a maple or walnut on a laptop stand or keyboard pad.

4. Samsung Chromebook 4

The perfect easy-to-use laptop for the computerless dad

The Samsung Chromebook 4 is an affordable laptop with a Chrome OS and can be a great first computer for non-technician dads. In addition, it can last up to 12.5 hours on a single charge with a compact 11.6-inch screen.

Father’s Day gift ideas: headphones and earbuds

1. Bose 700 noise-canceling wireless headphones

High quality sound with Alexa voice control

Up to 20 hours battery life on a single charge, built – in Alexa and Google Assistant support, comfortable lightweight construction and powerful intelligent noise reduction, these are the most versatile and high – end headphones you can donate to a music – loving father for less than $ 400 (currently $ 70 off!)

Using news and podcasts is one smart wizard’s wake-up call, as well as smartphone controls, through commands like “Call my son” or “Play my music library”.

2. Beats Solo Pro wireless headphones

Beats Solo Pro sound-canceling headphones are now affordable at Walmart, priced at $ 149. This is a huge 50% off the original price of $ 299.95, but the deal isn’t guaranteed until Father’s Day – so you might want to hurry up!

Beats Solo Pro is Apple H1 chip, and their battery lasts up to 22 hours of playback time with ANC on and up to 40 hours with off.

3. SENNHEISER CX 400BT True Wireless Headphones

Products from one of the world’s leading headphone brands, these wireless in-ear headphones have an incredibly long battery life, 20 hours (7 hours on a single charge + 13 hours on a carrying case), and come in 4 earplug sizes. The touch-sensitive interface is equally compatible with both Siri and Google Assistant and allows you to stay in control of your music and calls. The quality of the microphone is not bad either!

4. SENNHEISER HD 450BT Wireless Headphones

These Sennheiser Bluetooth headsets feature a staggering 30 hours of battery life, USB-C quick charge, a separate button for either Siri or Google Assistant, and fold into themselves for easy transport.

Despite the excellent rating, if the wearer’s hair is on the thin side, you may want to carry it with caution, as few customers claim that minimalist taking of the headband padding may seem uncomfortable to some.

5. Samsung Galaxy earbuds

Samsung’s latest and greatest true wireless headphones are the Galaxy Buds Pro. The design of their ear prevents the world, the active noise reduction on board takes care of any extra noise. Not to mention how sleek and stylish they look!

6. OnePlus Buds Z

The OnePlus Buds Z is a valid in-ear headset that certainly doesn’t break the bank. They have a Bluetooth 5.0 microphone surround noise reduction and 20 hours of playback time (and a 10-minute addition to the case gives another 3 hours). In addition, they have an IP55 sweat and water resistance class – the price is not bad!

The best Father’s Day gift ideas: wireless chargers and racks

Anker wireless charger and smartphone stand

This Anker wireless charger can also work instead of video calling and other uses, making it a great Father’s Day gift for a business dad.

Spigen U100 stand

Although the Spigen U100 stand is smaller than shown in the pictures, it can easily grab any smartphone and support it horizontally when needed. This makes it easier for Dad to watch video content or answer video calls while cooking and dealing with other things.

Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas: Smart Watches

A handsome watch is one of those gifts that is stereotypical, never goes out of style or gets old. And that’s exactly what your old man may need, whether he’s an athletic, outdoor guy or simply wants a convenient way to monitor exercise, health and keep in touch without always having his phone in hand.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 (44mm)

$ 50 discount (19%)

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

$ 60 discount (30%)

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