5 Best Free Anime Websites to Watch Anime Online

The anime world has been getting lots of attention for the last couple of years. The number of non-anime watchers converting into full-time otaku has become extensively enormous. The growing fanbase has an insatiable hunger for more and more anime.

Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, Demon Slayer, One Punch Man are on the top list of many anime fans, and they are always looking for more. In addition, a growing number of anime fans want free websites from where they can stream and download anime.

We have good news for all anime fans who are willing to watch anime for free. In this article, we have gathered some of the best anime websites where you can watch your favorite anime for free.

Free Anime streaming Websites

There are plenty of ways to watch anime for free. Most anime fans use torrent sites to download anime episodes in bulk.

Kissanime was there, and anime fans didn’t have to worry about anything. But after Kissanime stopped working, fans became hopeless. It was then that the search for new anime websites increased. So, here are some of the anime streaming sites that you need to know about.

1.      Crunchyroll

One of many free anime websites is Crunchyroll. You can watch all the most famous anime here. Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, Attack On Titan, Boku No Hero Academia, Demon Slayer are some of the examples of the anime you can watch on Crunchyroll. In addition, you can get all types of anime, manga, Asian drama, and a lot more here in Crunchyroll.

There is also a premium version of Crunchyroll available. You need to pay for this version, getting an ad-free website. The interface of the website is very simplistic. Also, you get some extra features in the premium version.

2.      GoGo Anime

Another free anime website is GoGo anime. What is best about gogo anime? Well, the library of GoGo anime is enormous. You will get almost every anime there is in Gogo Anime. From the most popular shonen Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Dragon Ball Z to the newest sensation Demon Slayer, Doctor Stone, and lots others.

The website is very easy in terms of its interface. The video quality of the anime you can stream and download in GoGo anime is top-notch. You can download both the Japanese and English dubbed versions of your favorite anime. All anime series and movies come in high-resolution video.

The website’s search engine lets you search using different genres and other filters

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3.      JustDubs

JustDubs is another anime website that comes to mind when talking about free anime websites. Do you like to watch English dubbed anime? If you are uncomfortable watching the Japanese version of an anime, You can always watch the dubbed version.

Just dubs is a paradise for free anime watchers who love to watch anime in English dub. The video quality on this anime site is great. You will get the best video and audio quality on this website.

The website has a pretty simple interface, and the search engine includes different categories for listing the websites. You can watch all of your favorite anime series on Justdubs. Naruto, Boruto, Hunter x Hunter, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures are some of the best anime series you can watch in English dubbed versions on this website.

4.      Cartoonsarea

Do you watch anime on your phone? In that case, you can watch anime from Cartoonsarea. This website is good for mobile phone users. You can both stream and download anime in Cartoonsarea. Here, you can watch the most popular anime series for free.

The website lists Japanese, and English dubbed versions of your favorite anime in alphabetical order. In addition, you can search for your favorite anime from the catalog using the initials of your favorite anime.

The only downside of this website is that the library is smaller. Although it does contain the most searched anime series, you may not find some of the anime you are looking for here.

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5.      Funimation

Yet another famous anime website is Funimation. The website belongs to Sony, and they offer you all the anime series in English dubbed version. Watching anime with subtitles can be strenuous. If you are not accustomed to watching anime in Japanese, you need to come to Funimation.

The website offers viewers to watch anime for free. But the free website of the anime can be a little annoying because of all those ads. So if you don’t want to see all those ads, you need to switch to the premium version of the website, but it will cost you some money.


Anime Kaizoku, 9anime, Kissanime, Netflix, Hulu, AnimePlanet are some of the best and most popular anime websites globally. If you are still wondering where to go for free anime, you have the answer here in this article.

You can watch all the best anime series on these websites. If you feel helped by this website, please let us know. Your opinion is of value to us.

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