Best Head Blenders 2021: What to Expect


Summer is approaching, and that means Prime Day – Amazon’s big two-day blowing sale – is coming. Prime Day offers was postponed until October last year due to the devastation of supply chains caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, but by 2021 it is back on schedule and is ready to offer all sorts of juicy discounts on household goods, appliances, electronics and more. And while the appliances may be furious during these events, Prime Day is the perfect time to grab new equipment for your kitchen. If you’re particularly interested in the new blender for shaking, smoothies and other cooking, read on to find out what Prime Day blender offerings we expect to see.

What Prime Day Blender offers

Vitamix5200 Professional-class Blender

Blenders aren’t usually the most expensive appliance in the kitchen, but if you just want a cheap appliance with basic features, you don’t have to wait for big sales to get a score. The Prime Day blender offerings we’re most looking forward to are top models from nicknames like Ninja, NutriBullet, Breville, Vitamix, Blendtec and KitchenAid – you’ll find the most juicy discounts on these more expensive high-end blenders, and if last year’s sales show, we’ll see more than a few pops up during the day’s blowing.

What Prime Day blender deals we saw last year

Fortunately, last year we saw some really great Prime Day blender offers from these aforementioned brands. There were too many discounts to list, but a few popular favorites include the Ninja Supra blender system, the Vitamix S30 blender, and the Ninja 400-watt blender and multifunction combination. Among these, it is common for them to be multi-purpose blenders with several jugs of different sizes, allowing them to do everything from making single-dose smoothies and shakes to larger cooking tasks. If Headline 2021 follows in last year’s sales footprint, these premium blenders and multi-purpose Blender / Processor combinations will keep your eyes peeled.

Should you buy a new Blender on your main day?

We probably won’t see deals like this until Black Friday goes around, so if you need a new blender, Prime Day is the time to get it at the best price. However, don’t rush in; The world of blenders is surprisingly vast, and you need to have an idea of ​​what you want before you start shopping. The most effective strategy for buying Prime Day blender purchases and finding your best needs is to plan. These factors must be considered before purchasing:

  • Type: Are you looking for an immersion mixer (stick-like device), a cup-capacity blender / shredder, a smoothie blender, a general-purpose blender for family cooking, or a commercial model that quickly mixes, cuts, blends, or even grinds the thickest, hardest ingredients for hours? Prices usually follow the function and it is easy to buy over.
  • Power: Blender brands boast of their power in watts, but a better course of action is to check the functions of a particular blender. Just as you don’t need an 800-horsepower car for a business trip, you don’t need a commercial blender for a single-dose smoothie.
  • Size: If you use a blender for different tasks that involve very different amounts of ingredients, choose only a slightly larger container than you need for average use. Just note that a larger-than-normal full-size mixer may require a disproportionate amount of counter and storage space.
  • Versatility: Many blenders have different speeds and functions, sometimes programmable. Again, moderation is a good idea. If you tend to follow the same recipes most of the time, a blender with more than three or four functions and six or more speeds is likely to exceed.
  • Clearout: Reading customer reviews is a great way to see how easy it is to clean the Blender that interests you. Dishwasher-safe components are common, but sometimes disassembly is difficult. If the model is particularly problematic in terms of cleaning, it’s something you’re likely to see often in user reviews.

The best blender deals now

The main day is still a few months away, but if you can’t afford to wait, then the good news is that there are still some excellent blender offers available right now:

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