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Are you taking a tablet work from home or to study? Tablets are powerful as productivity devices, and they’re also great when you’re reading, streaming music or videos, or just browsing. Smartphones get most of the news, though tablet users show year after year that they stick to their mobile horses. IPad configuration, a class – leading example, is as good as ever and relatively affordable for Apple products. However, if the iPad operating system isn’t your thing, you have several options. Samsung continues Galaxy Tab line. Amazon valuable Fire tablets are a solid choice for tablet buyers, especially Prime members, and avid e-book readers. We have all of these and more in this list of tablet deals.

No matter what type of tablet you want – or if you don’t already have a favorite and need help making a decision – we’re here to help. We have rounded the best tablet deals and the best refurbished tablet deals available online right now. You can also read the quick and convenient shopping guide below to find the perfect device for your needs and budget. Tablet prices change frequently, so check back regularly.

Today’s best tablet deals

Apple iPad

“IPad” has become an almost common term for “tablet,” indicating the massive enduring popularity of these Apple devices. It’s no surprise, given that Apple is the company that almost put tablets on the map when it introduced its first iPad nearly a decade ago (2020 marks the 10th anniversary of the original model). Part of this popularity is also due to their value: With the exception of the iPad Pro, iPads are not as expensive as iPhones and MacBooks compared to the competition.

The standard iPad (now in its seventh generation) is remarkably affordable and will last our most popular tablet for most people. However, do not forget excellent new iPad Air, which gives the more expensive iPad Pro a serious run for its money, as does the iPad Mini, which is a huge super portable tablet if you don’t want to sacrifice screen real estate.

The iPad Pro is, of course, the most high-end model of Apple’s tablet-stable. It is expensive, but it cannot be denied Apple’s best tablet, so you have to decide for yourself if the extra juice is worth the squeeze. Be sure read the iPad purchase guide a more detailed description of the available models before brushing the tablet offers above.

Samsung Galaxy Tab

Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

There are several Android tablet brands on the market today, but like Android smartphones, Samsung is the biggest name on the playing field. Its Galaxy Tab devices represent the best Android tablets that money can buy in 2019, and like the iPad series, these devices cover a wide range of price points and features.

The Galaxy Tab S series is similar to the plural as the Galaxy S phones, and takes up much the same space in the Samsung product line as the company’s flagship tablets. The current generation Galaxy Tab S6 is great, but it’s also the most expensive Tab model (typically priced between the iPad Pro and iPad Air). Nevertheless, if you’re looking for an Android tablet to pair with a keyboard, the Tab S6 is perfect.

If you are looking for a more valuable option, then The Galaxy Tab S5e is a great option and another of our favorites. Samsung also makes some cheaper ones, like the Galaxy Tab A – but if you’re looking for a truly budget-seeking tablet, you might want to consider choosing an Amazon Fire device instead.

Amazon Fire

Amazon Fire Tablets (formerly part of the Kindle line, though they can no longer withstand that multiple times) have come a long way in recent years. We weren’t originally tough fans of them, but because of the price, it’s hard to beat them today. This is especially true for Prime members who want to take advantage of everything their Prime subscription has to offer, such as Prime Video, Prime Music, Audible Audiobooks, Free eBooks and Magazines, and the myriad other items Amazon offers to its premium customers.

And of course, because they are tablets, Fire devices also put countless apps, games, and other software at your fingertips. Did we mention that they are cheap? Seven Inch Fire 7 starts at just $ 50, an eight – inch Fire HD 8 (high – definition screen) at $ 90, and new Fire HD 10 $ 190 – and no, these are not just selling prices. While there are currently no discounts on Fire devices in currently available tablet deals, these are still good purchases at their normal prices, but be sure to check back often as Amazon marks them from time to time. We update these offers regularly.

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