Best Online Video Games in 2022

Lockdown  or whichever term you give it or you choose to call it, has concluded. Individuals may attend to whatever keeps them occupied during their free time. And, although this is ultimately beneficial for everyone, it does not mean you have to experience the affects of cabin fever alone. Indeed, if you know where to seek, you may reintroduce some sociability and, therefore, a sense of normality into your life.

   Many people have resorted to video conferencing programs to keep connected with family and friends. However, a static call might get stale after a while. If you wish to maintain communication while also adding an element of fun, now is the time to investigate online video gaming. 

   Whatever your gaming preferences, there is a multiplayer title available right now that you can enjoy totally online with your friends and/or family. We’ve compiled a list of our five favorite online multiplayer games post coronavirus self-isolation.

    For instance, many of these games are offered on many platforms and at varying price points, along with some titles that are free-to-play but have paid upgrade possibilities. Simply ensure that you complete your investigation prior to purchasing.

The lists below are the best online video games of all time.




   There are other FTP (free-to-play) games available online, but Warframe has continuously been one of the most prominent and broad online game ever. The game is a sci-fi third-person shooter which transports players to a massive galaxy filled with a wide variety of destinations, and social interaction ranging from player vs player games to simple in-game interactions. 

   While it lacks the sophistication of certain pay-to-play products, it more than compensates with diversity, gameplay possibilities, and a big daily player based. That’s not bad for a game that was released for free in 2013.



    This game was made available in February 2019 and is a rather new take on the battle royale game. It was created to compete with Fortnite for the number one spot. While it fell short of dethroning the BR juggernaut, there’s really no reason to believe this title is devoid of worth. 

    The game was set  in the same world as the Titanfall games, this squad first-person shooter offers a cast of distinct characters, with each designed with their own specific set of strengths and limitations on the battlefield, and battles that accommodate up to 20 three-player teams.  The objective is to eliminate all other teams and earn the championship title. This game is  a fast-paced, acrobatic game that involves teamwork, adaptability to changing playstyles, and the capacity to deal with the unexpected. Indeed, this game is more polished than its major rival and, by most criteria, is undoubtedly a superior overall experience.



    This online video game is a hard relaunch of the 2007 version of the very same name, was met with widespread acclaim from reviewers and longstanding series fans. Even detractors admitted that it was the franchise’s greatest title in years. While it was packed with material, many fans lamented the absence of a battle royale game option. 

    That was subsequently addressed with the introduction of Call of Duty: Warzone is said to be a free-to-play (FTP) battle royale-only version of the game. The game used many of the same concepts of the full pay-to-play tactical military game but condensed them into a single enormous game type that can handle up to 150 players each round. 

   The principle is straightforward: remain on the map, stay alive, and eliminate your adversaries. However, the diversity of characters, equipment, locations, and vehicles ensures that the game remains new almost every time you log in. However, there have been rumors of widespread cheating, so be warned that some less-than-honest individuals are participating in this one.



   Since 1992, the Mario Kart series has allowed players to race and duel their friends dressed as their loved characters from the larger Mario world. This online interesting game  was first launched on the highly panned Wii U system but was later ported to the Nintendo Switch, where it was met with even more popularity. 

   As with previous editions, the fundamental premise and even a good portion of the game mechanics remain same – all the way down to the famous and irritating blue shell. However, it is a proven formula that has yet to fail, and there is enough fresh material to pique the curiosity of even veteran series fans and keep them coming back for more. Additionally, you may play online versus up to 11 friends or random strangers for added replay value.



 Whether you take it of leave it, this game is a 16-year-old game. It had something in the range of 10 million daily active gamers at its peak. And, although that number has dwindled somewhat, the current total of about 5.94 million members is nothing to laugh at, particularly this time. 

     Actually, you may play the game without a paid membership if you’re OK with enjoying just up to level Twenty without having access to some in-game areas. That is, the free version is sufficient to determine if you’re willing to pay the $17/month premium. 

    With it, you’ll have unrestricted access to six upgrades in the game, 110-level, player versus. player multiplayer content, and the likes. If you like fantastical worlds and in-depth role-playing games, this is one to keep in quarantine. There’s also a static vintage version if you’re interested in seeing the game as it was in 2006.


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