Best QLED TV Deals in May 2021: Samsung and Vizio


For a home theater with an incredible viewing experience, whether you’re watching movies or playing games, you might want to look into QLED TV. QLED TVs work with quantum dots, a new technology that gives richer blacks and better contrast, but at the same time offers a brighter image that looks absolutely stunning.

However, like many high-tech technologies, QLED TVs are not cheap, whether you look at options from top brands like LG or trendy stylish options like the Samsung Frame. That is even more true if you look at very high accuracy 8K television.

So to help you find the best possible QLED TV deal, we have been looking for the best deals. You will find options like affordable 50-inch TCL QLED 4K TV for only $ 498, down from $ 600. But if even this is too much for your budget, don’t worry – we’ve also got you covered 4K TV offers, prices start under $ 300. However, these LED TVs are not as beautiful as the QLED TVs below.

Today’s best QLED TV deals

Selecting a QLED TV

Size. This is the first stop in choosing a new TV. To measure the space available in that area, then type in the number (we don’t want to make a mistake here). Next, it should be noted that the screen size is not the same as the length of the TV itself. You need to look at the dimensions of this measurement, which will take us to the next step: Gather a handful of QLED TVs that can do the trick, and then check their dimensions.

Did you find a pair that fits? Now let’s start the tunnel along with the best fit. Since QLED TVs are made by two main brands, this should not be too difficult. If the streaming is complete and you have little cash, select Vizio. Rather, do you have a television that will definitely stand the test of time? Select Samsung. After all, it did not resort to its title as the world’s largest television manufacturer by peeling.

More TVs:

For clarity, this does not mean that Samsung QLED TVs cannot stream content for startup. They are armed with the latest version of Tizen OS intelligence software that provides one-click access to all the best streaming services, like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix – and it’s certainly more than enough for the average viewer. But if you have more niche viewing habits, Vizio with it built-in Chromecast may be a better choice.

However, unless you’re shopping on a tight budget, we almost always recommend going with Samsung. It’s the creator of QLED, and it licenses the name to other manufacturers who want to deploy it, so it knows a couple of things about making them. The only difference is that you pay a premium for acquiring Samsung – Vizio models are considered cheaper options. In addition, the $ 30 Roku easily fixes the streaming gap.

Torn between Samsung models? Here’s how they compare on paper:

Samsung Q60R Samsung Q70R Samsung Q80R Samsung Q90R
Backlight Edge lit. Full group Full group Full group
Dimming areas 48 96 480
Refresh rate 120Hz (original) 120Hz (original) 120Hz (original) 120Hz (original)
HDMI ports 4 4 4 4
Intelligent software Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah
Q Very wide angle No No Yeah Yeah
4K scaler UHD engine UHD engine UHD engine UHD engine

In addition to the obvious design differences, the most significant difference is that the Q60R has an edge-lit backlight, so it can’t achieve the same contrast levels as the other three – so it doesn’t make the details as good. But once again, it’s in a different league than a standard LED TV. All three have the so-called. A full-group backlight that can turn off individual parts of the screen to achieve a darker black.

What separates them is the number of dimming zones in each model. The Q70R has a total of 48, while the Q80R has 96 and the Q90R has 480. All of this means that the Q90R can close smaller parts of the screen to produce more accurate contrast. At this level, the differences are really only relevant to harsh film enthusiasts. For the average viewer looking to brighten up their viewing experience, the Q60R is sure to be impressive.

After the best experience Samsung has to offer, their fate will be decided by budget – even in sales, there is a significant difference between the Q70R, Q80R and Q90R.

Are QLED TVs better than OLED TVs?

In short, OLED TVs are better than QLED TVs. Why? Because they have better viewing angles, they can reach a more obsidian-like black level and consume much less power. They also have a faster response time, lower latency, and higher refresh rate. But this best-in-class viewing isn’t cheap, which is why those who don’t necessarily need the best experience that money can buy (or can’t afford) choose the second best: QLED TV.

In real life, however, there is little between them. If you didn’t have an OLED TV and a QLED TV in the same room, you wouldn’t even know where you’re missing out. The fact is that if your factory-ready LED TV no longer cuts it and you want to breathe new life into your entertainment settings, a QLED TV is a great way to go: Richer color and more precise detail, even without HDR, is a monumental step.

Do QLED TVs have HDR?

Yes, all QLED TVs have HDR. Remember: They are designed to represent the finest hardware manufacturers, so it wouldn’t make sense if they didn’t have the latest software as well. After all, HDR pulls richer details and more accurate colors from the current scene by bringing the image to life. Samsung invented its own HDR format for this: the HDR10, which was later followed HDR10 + – The latest version.

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