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So you have Samsung Galaxy Note 10. Your phone takes everything wonderful Samsung Note 10 series – S Pen, wide screen and flagship information to name a few – and shrinks it into a smaller package that’s easier to fit in your hand.

Whether you’ve just bought a Note 10 or it’s now a well-worn pocket partner, you still want to keep it protected. We have dealt with best note 10 cases, but what about the screen? The 6.3-inch Dynamic AMOLED screen is a window to your wider world, and you don’t want it to get dirty – or worse, fall apart. A screen protector can help stop this, whether it’s a film protector that protects against dirt and scratches, or a durable tempered glass protector. Here are some of the best Samsung Galaxy Note 10 screen protectors.

OtterBox clearly protected film screen protector

OtterBox clearly protected film screen protector for Samsung Galaxy Note 10

The OtterBox screen protector for the Galaxy Note 10 is made of high-quality polyurethane film, which keeps the screen of your phone sharp and at the same time protects it from sharp objects. Considering that it’s film-based protection, it’s very thin and retains all of the Note 10’s screen sensitivity and vividness. It is also stain resistant and offers 100% compatibility with OtterBox enclosures. Limited lifetime warranty included.

ArmorSuit MilitaryShield Screen Protector

ArmorSuit MilitaryShield screen protector best Samsung Galaxy Note 10 screen protector

It may be movie-based, but this Note 10 screen protector from ArmorSuit is seriously tough. It is scratch-resistant and has a self-healing technology that can remove small scratches and marks gradually over time. It is extremely thin so it does not interfere with the normal operation of the phone and is laser cut to fit as close as possible. In addition to this, it prevents yellowing and also reduces stains. Comes with solution spray, squeegee and microfiber cloth that is easy to install.

XClear 3 Pack Screen Protector

XClear 3 Pack screen protector for Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Three packs are sold, this XClear screen protector combines several attractive features. It is built from scratch-resistant materials and has been treated with hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings, so it expels water and greasy fingerprints. Made of membrane, it is also very transparent and sensitive and offers full compatibility with the Note 10 fingerprint sensor. Alignment frame and towels included for more straightforward use.

Olixar tempered glass screen protector

olixar-tempered glass-screen protector-samsung-Galaxy-10-1-720x720

Olixar is a brand you can trust in phone accessories, and their tempered glass screen protector is no exception to the Note 10. It is very thin, only 0.27 mm, but offers durable protection and is scratch-resistant and unbreakable. Although it is loud, it does not reduce the brightness of your phone screen or interfere with its sensitivity. Bubble-free installation is also easy as it comes with a cleaning cloth, wet towel and dust removal sticker.

amFilm Glass screen protector

amfilm-glass-screen protector-samsung-Galaxy-note-10-1-720x720

AmFilm produces screen protectors for a wide variety of phones, and its 3D curved glass cover for Note 10 is worth mentioning. It is only 0.33 mm thin and provides protection from scratches and scratches, and has an oleophobic coating to expel greasy fingerprints. It’s also easy to install with an easy mounting base, wet wipes and microfiber cloth – and a handy installation guide. One downside to the screen protector is that it doesn’t work with the on-screen fingerprint sensor, so if you use this regularly, you may want to miss this one.

IQ Shield Film Screen Protector


When it comes to screen protectors that are easily on a budget, our choice is this IQ Shield film protector. You can pick up this durable, crystal clear film protector for just $ 7 – and it’s a double pack, so you have a spare in hand. Installation is also easy as a convenient kit is included in the package. If you are looking at pennies, this is a screen protector for you.

Tozo tempered glass screen protector

tozo-best-note-10-Screen Protectors-720x720

If you just need strong protection, the Tozo armor glass is covered. It is made of 9H hardness glass, which should resist a wide range of threats, and has been treated with an oleophobic coating to resist fingerprints and oily substances. The edges correspond to the curves of the Note 10 and are designed to be compatible with many cases. With full coverage, it also covers the selfie camera and keeps it safe from damage, and is fully compatible with the monitor’s internal fingerprint sensor. The only thing is that Tozo recommends enabling touch sensitivity to ensure full touch sensitivity, but it’s not a lot of work when it only costs $ 7.

Skinomi Matteskin Film Screen Protector

skinomi-best-note-10-Screen Protector - 720x720

The Note 10’s display is bright and vibrant, but the glare of bright lights can still obscure the view outdoors. If this is a common problem for you, consider Skinom’s Matteskin film cover. It is treated with a matte layer that reduces the possibility of light being reflected from the screen, making it much easier to see in bright daylight. Because it is a film, it is not as protective as glass, but it protects well from dirt and small scratches, and it also has oleophobic and self-healing properties. It even resists the yellowing effect that many film patrons suffer as they age. Best of all, it’s only $ 8 for a two-pack.

Magglass Privacy Glass Screen Protector

magglass-best-note-10-Screen Protectors-720x720

There’s so much evidence in Note 10 that productivity is easy, but what if you did mobile banking, read an embarrassing book, or were a member of a super secret spy agency? This type of privacy film from Magglass is a great idea. It’s made of hard glass so it can withstand scratches, drops and bumps, but the appeal of the title is the privacy layer. When viewed from the front, it is clear and easy to see. But as soon as you move the corner, the screen dims black, which protects your privacy. Magglass recommends that you enable the Touch Sensitivity setting to reduce the loss of sensitivity. Still, if your privacy needs to be protected, this is a good $ 17 investment.

Ringke Dual Easy Film Screen Protector

ringke-best-note-10-Screen Protectors-720x720

The Ringken Dual Easy screen protector always deserves a place on our list. Film is not the most protective option in the world, but it protects against dirt, dust and scratches. It is thin and does not interfere with the sensitivity, appearance or fingerprint sensor of the ultrasonic display. The name “easy” comes from an application method that uses four coats to ensure dust is removed during installation, reducing the chance of small particles ending up between your shield and the monitor. The low price is a plus, and the double pack adds value and lets you keep the exchange on hand.

Whitestone Dome Glass Screen Protector

whitestone-Dome-best-note-10-Screen Protectors-720x720

Whitestone offers the best glass protection. This is because the Dome Glass cover uses highly durable hard tempered glass. This protection can even prevent the screen from breaking during a drop, although we still recommend using it in a case.

The application is a bit complicated compared to other options. The layer of liquid layer binds the cover and the screen. With a cured glue UV lamp, a strong bond binds the screen and protection. As a result, the fingerprint reader still works perfectly.

The fluid application can even help a screen that is already cracked. Glue can flow into the cracks and prevent them from getting worse. But everything comes at a price – Dome Glass is expensive.

Spigen Neo Flex HD Film screen protector

spigen-best-note-10-Screen Protectors-720x720

The protective film of Spigen’s film doesn’t have superior features, but it still earned a place on our favorites list. It features a highly transparent, flexible PET film that provides unparalleled phone protection. The cover shapes the curves of your phone, which helps remove air bubbles and leads to better coverage. It is also able to heal itself by immediately repairing small scratches by sealing the inner layer in the event of damage.

Installing the cover with wet installation technology can be difficult, but we recommend doing it this way because it requires extra time and effort. This method gives you a smoother fit and finish that doesn’t block the fingerprint sensor.

This film is compatible with all Spigen protective cases, which is great news for current Spigen users. It offers amazing features at an affordable price. You can even buy a package of 2 if you are looking for added value.

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