Biden will appoint Google critic Jonathan Kanter to lead the DOJ’s competition law division


President Joe Biden is appointing fervent Google critic and competition attorney Jonathan Kanter to head the Department of Justice’s competition law department. as first reported Bloomberg on tuesday.

Kanter has a long history of representing companies in Google competition matters, and he opened his own law firm last year. If confirmed by the Senate, Kanter would take the lead in cases involving large technology companies led by the Department of Justice, including a monopoly case against Google last October. The case accuses the search giant of creating an illegal monopoly in the digital advertising market.

“Jonathan Kanter is a respected competition law with over 20 years of experience,” the White House said in a press release on Tuesday. “Throughout his career, Kanter has also been a leading advocate and expert in efforts to promote strong and meaningful compliance with competition law and competition policy.”

The Department of Justice is also currently launching an extensive competition investigation into the requirements for Apple and its developers in the App Store.

Kanter is only the latest Biden appointment, a significant step forward in the enforcement of competition rules, especially in the technology industry. Earlier this year, Biden appointed Lina Khan, a pioneer in technology competition law and the author of a widely cited legal document on the paradox of the Amazon competition law, which chairs the Federal Trade Commission. Tim Wu, another progressive antitrustist, is currently sitting in the National Economic Council.

Kanter is in close line with Khan and Wun. But unlike Khan, who needs a majority of votes in the FTC to comply with competition law, Kanter could himself sue to stop mergers as an alternate himself.

Earlier this month, Biden signed the executive order designed to foster competition with a strong focus on technology companies. The order included a new mandate calling for “closer merger control, particularly in the control of dominant Internet platforms, with particular emphasis on the acquisition of emerging competitors, series of mergers, data collection, competition with” free “products and impact on users privacy.” The order also called on the Federal Communications Commission. the Federal Trade Commission to take new decisions that promote policy goals such as the “right to redress” and net neutrality.

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