Bill Gates admits that meetings with Jeffrey Epstein were a “huge mistake”


Bill Gates said the time spent with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein was a “huge mistake” interview with Anderson Cooper of CNN. The interview dealt with Gates ’relationship with Epstein, who he said was an attempt to get“ billions for charity, ”as well as Gates’ alleged misconduct in the workplace At Microsoft and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Gates ’story of his relationship with Epstein hasn’t changed much since their meeting came to light. In 2019 he said Wall Street Journal that he had met Epstein, but “he had no business relationship or friendship with him”. A month later, The New York Times borrowed A Gates spokesman who said Gates “never regrets meeting with Epstein and admits it was a misleading decision.” The statement and other comments from the article spokesman mention the same promises about Epstein’s charitable donations that Gates talks about in his CNN interview.

Times the story goes, however, that the two men met many times, and that detailed meetings reported to have taken place Between Gates Foundation employees and Epstein, who focused on fundraising. In an interview with CNN, Gates admits that the “several” meetings he had with Epstein (which took place after Epstein had pleaded guilty to soliciting a minor) gave Epstein credibility, which he again called a mistake.

When asked if he was sorry relationship with a Microsoft employee, which Microsoft ‘s board of directors investigated, Gates said everyone regrets, but that he has to “go ahead” in his work.

Melinda French Gates, by the divorce from Bill Gates was recently completed, reportedly objected to him meeting Epstein. Melinda and Bill will continue to work together to lead their charity Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, but the Foundation has announced Melinda can leave in two years if she and Bill can no longer work together.

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