Bird Plans Pilot Program to Rent Electric Wheelchairs and Mobile Scooters in NYC This Summer


Scooter company Bird is partnering with mobility vehicle company Scootaround in a pilot program to test accessibility electric vehicle rental companies in New York this summer, companies announced. A new button in Bird’s main app allows people with mobility problems to choose from one of three rental models, including three- and four-wheel scooters and the Whill Model Ci2 wheelchair.

When the rider selects the vehicle, he selects the rental period from one to 14 days. Riders will receive a personal training day on the day of rental to ensure they are comfortable using, loading and storing the vehicle. Bird has a toll free number for questions about the process.

“As micromobile options such as shared bikes and scooters continue to grow, we need to ensure that the benefits of these improved transportation networks are made as widely available as possible to people with disabilities,” Scootaround CEO Kerry Renaud said in a statement.

The state of New York lifted the ban electric scooters in 2020, and the city’s Department of Transportation announced that Bird, Lime and VeoRide will be part of its e-scooter pilot in the Bronx this summer.

Bird plans to build a partnership with Scootaround in several cities later this year based on the results of the NYC pilot.

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