Black players on the English football team bombed racist exploitation on social media


Social media platforms are full of racist messages and messages aimed at three black players on the English football team after Italy suffered a tough loss in the UEFA Euro 2020 championship on Sunday. Both teams played 1-1, and Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka were the English players who took part in the penalty shootout to choose the winner of the match and tournament. All three missed their shots.

At the end of the game, players ’social media accounts, including Facebook-owned Instagram and Twitter, were full of racist comments and posts.

By email to Limit On Monday, a Twitter spokesman said “the horrific, racist assault against English players” had no place on the platform. After Sunday’s game ended, Twitter deleted more than 1,000 tweets and permanently suspended several accounts – the spokesman didn’t say how many – for breaking its rules against harassment and hostile content. “We are actively engaged and will continue to work with our partners throughout the football community to find ways to address this issue collectively, and we will continue to contribute to curbing this unreasonable behavior – both online and offline,” the spokesman said.

A Facebook spokesman said the company had no numbers to share, but according to the platform, “the forum quickly removed comments and accounts that guided abuse among English footballers last night, and we will continue to take action against those who break our rules”. The spokesman added that the company had encouraged all players to get started Instagram’s hidden words tool, which prevents abuse or comments from appearing in direct messages.

Vice reported even more extreme abuses, including threats against players, was moving to white domination channels on Telegram, which has a much looser policy of moderation than Twitter or Facebook. Telegram did not respond immediately to the request for comment on Monday.

English Football Association said Monday in a statement that it “shocked the online racism targeted at some of our English players on social media”. No one behind the “disgusting” behavior is welcome as fans, the FA said, adding that he supports players “while demanding the harshest penalties for anyone responsible.”

The FA statement added that social media companies “need to step up their accountability and take action to prevent abusers from their ships, gather evidence that could lead to prosecution, and support the release of platforms from this type of abhorrent use.

The English players were fans often tour Wembley Stadium during the tournament as players knelt on the field before matches as an anti-racist gesture. Both teams knelt down before the start of Sunday’s match.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who was criticized earlier does not defend players who knelt before the games, has tweeted Monday that players “deserve to become acclaimed heroes, not racial abusers on social media.”

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