Blake Lively teams up with Netflix for our psychological thriller we used to live here



Netflix has secured the rights We lived here, tapping on Blake Lively to produce and play Marcus Kliewer’s psychological thriller-Novell film adaptation, which was originally sent to Reddit’s NoSleep subreddit.

According to the deadline We lived here follows a homeowner who “knocks on his home while his partner is at work. It is a husband, wife and children. They are special, and the man said he once lived in the house and wanted to look around. The homeowner is just getting used to the old house, and things gradually become weird when a blizzard takes visitors because they don’t just leave. The homeowner can’t get rid of them, and regrets that he has never opened the door as events progressed. “

We lived here is Netflix ‘s second acquisition / nosleep in the last year alongside Matt Query My wife and I bought a ranch. It’s also the second Netflix project for Lively in the last month, and the actor has recently signed up to produce and act Adaptation of Dark Horse Comics Lady Killer streamerille.


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