Bloomberg’s top Apple scribe is printing a Series 7 watch, next year’s iPad Pro and more


Bloomberg’s top Apple scribe is printing a Series 7 watch, next year’s iPad Pro and more

Bloombergin Apple expert is Mark Gurman and he has started a new weekly email newsletter with Bloomberg called Power on which touches on the basis of various technical topics and the NBA. Gurman says he has been told that Apple’s designers and engineers are working to expand the size of iPad screens, even if this is one or two years away and may not come at all. Gurman has great faith in larger iPad screen sizes, especially noting how 12.9-inch iPad Pro looks small compared to his 16-inch MacBook Pro.
Apple has advertised the iPad Pro as a computer, so it would make sense to increase the screen size of the series, and as Gurman notes, it will “further blur the lines between tablets and laptops.” He also points out that when it comes to Apple premium discs, the company will be working on refurbished 11- and 12.9-inch models next year.
Gurman says Apple still needs to improve the multitasking capabilities of the iPad to resemble the system used on the Mac. He also points out that the ability to use work-related Mac apps that aren’t offered on the iPad. “It’s time for Apple to tear Band-Aide off and go all-in on the iPad,” he writes. Mark also sees a new plan Apple Watch this year, but to the disappointment of insulin-dependent diabetics, the blood glucose meter is not yet ready at the best time.

He expects the Series 7 Apple Watch to have an updated display, a faster processor, and improved wireless technology. The flagship model may have a body temperature sensor, and an updated more affordable version of the SE could be released along with the durable Explorer version.

Speaking of Apple, Gurman notes that the App Store had revenue of $ 12 billion in the first half of 2021, up 18% from a year earlier. These estimated figures are from application analysis firm Sensor Tower and were shared exclusively with Bloomberg.

Searching for Cupertino, Amazon is working to develop mobile devices based on someone with knowledge of Amazon. PowerOn says these products include “long-term plans” for the AR glass and Kindle e-reader with a foldable display. And the fitness company Peloton is supposed to be working on a finger gauge that is used on the arm and works in conjunction with the Peloton mobile app.

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