Blu-ray Review – Lake Mungo (2008)


Lake Mungo, 2008.

Directed by Joel Anderson.
Starring Rosie Traynor, David Pledger, Martin Sharpe, Talia Zucker and Cameron Strachan.



The grieving family begins to experience strange events after the death of their teenage daughter.


A quick look at any of the “Most Scary Horror Movies Ever” that appear on the Internet every five minutes always brings the same names to one or two left-field headlines thrown in for controversy.

And while such evergreen shocks like Exorcist, Texas chainsaw carnage and Flair are there for a reason and will probably always be another, more modern, but probably less seen title that has crept in recent years, and thanks to Second Sight Films 2008 Lake Mungo can now be seen in a great extra-compressed limited edition Blu-ray package.

Filmed as a faux documentary Lake Mungo follows Palmer’s family, grieving after the mysterious death of his teenage daughter Alice (Talia Zucker). Looking for answers to how and why she died, Palmers begins to see photos of Alice and believe that their daughter’s ghost is haunting them, but when the truth begins to unfold, the family finds something worse behind the tragedy.


again Lake Mungo sets its starting point very well and is completely believable as a documentary about possible anxiety, by the time the story skips the twists and turns and various wrong trends to the point where everything becomes clear, the film runs out of steam and is incapable of living anything your mind has invented. It seems that the mind of author / director Joel Anderson was unable to draw a satisfactory conclusion and end the film with the revelation / announcement that if this had been an episode Stories of the unexpected maybe done the job, but after such efficient construction Lake Mungo is, if not completely disappointed, at least reversing the rather little bad climax of the face as opposed to the solid gut beat it deserves.

Browsing through the rich additional directories offered by Second Sight, you can see that Joel Anderson’s only director’s card has really made an impact, especially on filmmakers Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson (Endless/spring) who are very eager to speak Lake Mungo and its restless effect. Video essays by filmmaker Josh Nelson and filmmaker Joseph Wallace are also in the film from different perspectives. There are some things you may have forgotten on first view, as well as archive comments from producer David Rapsey and photo director John Brawley. , a brand new voice memo by Alexandra Heller-Nicholas and Emma Westwood, interviews with actors and crew, deleted scenes, Collector’s booklet with different interpretations from different authors, art cards and a stunning, rigid chest of drawers with new works of art to keep it in everything, so in addition to Joel Anderson’s release, this is as perfect a package as you might hope to get for this film.


When it comes to that Lake Mungo is an exercise that shows that the camera can lie and that what is seen is not always real, although we all know that all making movies is really the art of manipulation. Joel Anderson’s trick to getting you to focus on one thing in the frame while missing something else is at its heart and it works very well to the point where the story shifts and new revelations bring out a different mood, something less supernatural and more psychological and grounded, making a spell breaks, and nothing but the scary finale, which we were all promised during the first hour, simply doesn’t – and doesn’t. Nevertheless, for the most part Lake Mungo entices you to convincing performances, an authentic real crime documentary format, and a creepy, referential image – it’s just a shame it doesn’t maintain a strong macabre atmosphere until the end and instead chooses a rough and unsatisfactory explanation all up.

Flickering myth rating – Movie: ★ ★ ★ / Movie: ★ ★ ★

Chris Ward

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