Blu-ray Review – Uncle Peckerhead (2020)


Uncle Peckerhead, 2020.

Directed by Matthew John Lawrence.
Starring Mike Lawrence, David Littleton, Chet Siegel, Jeff Riddle, Ruby McCollister and Shannon O’Neill.



The fighting punk rock band recruits friendly Peckerhead as the new road builder, but unfortunately Peckerhead is also a demon who wants to eat his victims.


If ever there was an Oscar for the film’s biggest opening image Uncle Peckerhead would definitely be in the race for an award, although given that the film is a punk rock-splash comedy, it’s unlikely we’ll see it at any red carpet event.

What a shame, because this is as much fun and entertainment as you can have in one movie and a fair world Uncle Peckerhead would receive the kind of attention that seems to be reserved for the gloomy mainstream genres that are currently clogging release schedules. Unfortunately, it is not a fair world and Uncle Peckerhead is meant to remain a cult favorite among those who value the value of having fun, which is not the worst way to remember if the truth is told.


Back to the good days of horror comedies that managed to be fun and wonderful (and, according to the business card, allegedly based on true stories), Uncle Peckerhead opens with a shot of a dead body lacking skin and a detached chin that is mumbled by a mysterious character, just before the retro-spiked title card flashes and we know what to expect. We are then introduced to Duh, a young punk band that advertises their demo tape – Oh yes, Duh still uses cassette tapes, and the car they find on tour has a cassette player, so lucky – and consists of bubbling vocalist / bassist Judy (Chet Siegel), a twilight singer / guitarist Max (Jeff Riddle) and angry drummer Mel (Ruby McCollister), who desperately want to go down the road to avoid real jobs. Enter Peckerhead (David Littleton), who owns a van (with a cassette player) and offers them a roadie service, which is Jolly decent for him, until the band finds out that every night at midnight Peckerhead turns into a demon with a special taste for anyone who bothers him. While Judy sees this as a problem, the other two vote to arrest her and since then Peckerhead – or Peck, as she wants to feel – belongs to the band, which is great until the competing band tries to incite them and Peck goes a little too far.


Let the same moods as Deathgasm a few years ago, Uncle Peckerhead seems to be very on the nose when it comes to the details of the story – the attitude of a competing punk singer, the resilient metalheads who turn up and destroy the euphoria after Duh’s gig and several other small passages written on it add authenticity – but the details never stop the fun of this film. From the serious performances of the main actors – especially Chet Siegel and David Littleton – that seem to be the beginning of a very watchable antagonistic screen chemistry, although Max is the most pleasant character due to his fierce innocence to almost everything and Jeff Riddle’s performance effects Uncle Peckerhead exudes charm and heart in the way every comedy comedy should be, only this one has a meat-eating demon and a kicking punkrock soundtrack for added flavor.


The only real downside to the film is that the ending tones the comedy in favor of a quick wrap that still works but doesn’t feel the deserved climax the film needs. Still, it means that a sequel is possible, and while the last act seems a little rushed to rest Uncle Peckerhead is a complete pleasure and is sure to become a favorite for those post – pub gatherings where even the dumbest stupid horror movies can become a genius. However, Uncle Peckerhead is not stupid – it knows its audience and achieves almost everything it is going to do – and while it certainly has at least one foot in the trash, it has the ambition to be more that should not only be celebrated but also encouraged from the heart. Roll Uncle Peckerhead 2

Flickering myth rating – Movie: ★ ★ ★ / Movie: ★ ★ ★ ★

Chris Ward


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