Blue Origin picks up teens to fly into space after schedules of anonymous auction winners

The fourth passenger to have traveled with Jeff Bezos on a space company suborbital rocket next Tuesday is 18-year-old Oliver Daemen, Blue Origin revealed on Thursday. Daemen’s seat was reserved for the winner of the $ 28 million auction that ended last month, but the winner remains anonymous and “has decided to fly to the upcoming New Shepard operation due to schedule conflicts” the press release said.

The launch of Blue Origin, scheduled for July 20, marks the company’s first crew operation on the edge of space. Four people launch their suborbital New Shepard rocket from the remote desert of Van Horn, Texas. Blue Origin founder Bezos, his brother Mark, aviation icon and astronaut candidate Wally Funk, and Daemen are the entire crew of New Shepard. The company received approval from the Federal Aviation Administration to fly passengers on Monday.

Blue Origin said Daemen is the company’s first paying customer, but it’s unclear how much the ticket will cost. “We will not disclose the price paid,” a Blue Origin spokesman said in response to questions Limit. “He participated in the auction and had secured a seat on another flight. We moved him up when this seat on the first flight became vacant. “

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