Boeing is postponing his Starliner mission after noticing a technical issue


Boeing postponed testing of its Unopened Starliner Astronaut Capsule on Tuesday, the company said in a statement. The delay was caused by a technical problem that occurred on Monday after thunderstorms. Task teams will determine if issues can be resolved in a timely manner due to Starliner’s next launch opportunity at noon on Wednesday.

During regular technical inspections the day before Starliner’s planned launch, engineers noticed the location of some valves in Starliner’s propulsion system was in place, Boeing said, adding that the problem was detected “after yesterday’s storm at the Kennedy Space Center area”. Starliner was scheduled to launch the United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket to the top on Tuesday at 1:20 p.m. ET. But now “Boeing and NASA teams are assessing the situation” to see if Starliner can fly on Wednesday at 12:57 ET.

Starliner launch is a test task without people aboard. It is ready to fly to the International Space Station, demonstrate a clean docking process, and remain docked for about ten days before returning to Earth. The assignment comes more than a year and a half after Boeing’s first orbital test could not get to the station and returned home earlier than planned in 2019.

Tuesday’s release of “peeling” – a professional language for the launch delay – marks Starliner’s second second time. The spacecraft was originally scheduled to fly into space on Friday, July 30, but a A new science module in Russia The ISS forced Boeing to postpone the launch on Tuesday as NASA made sure the space station was safe and ready for the new spacecraft.

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