Bong Joon Ho says HBO’s Parasite series “is going to be some great genius, I hope”


After making history at Oscare, HBO announced the adaptation of the TV series Parasite was currently being developed by author Adam McKay, and now director Bong Joon Ho has shared his optimism with the series.

Parasite Poster-600x344

“[The television series] is something great, I hope. I’ve been working with Adam McKay, and he’s figuring out the situation. We do it in the United States, “Joon Ho said in an interview at the Cannes Film Festival (via Indiewire).

“I’m involved in HBO’s adaptation [of ‘Parasite’]. It becomes a black comedy. I work closely with screenwriter McKay. This time, I will contribute as a producer, ”the director continued.

While the plot information is currently kept in wrappers, McKay has previously confirmed that the series will be the original story of the film in the universe and not a remake. Mark Ruffalo was in talks to play his father in the HBO series, but no official confirmation of his actors has been made since this writing.


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