Boys Season 3: Sean Patrick Flanery, Nick Wechsler and Miles Gaston Villanueva



With Amazon’s third season Boys Amazon, currently under development, has announced that Sean Patrick Flanery, Nick Wechsler and Miles Gaston Villanueva have joined the cast.

Flanery (Dexter) starring Gunpowder, Wechsler, perhaps best known for his roles in the film Chicago PD and Revenge, is to play Blue Hawk, while Villanueva, best known for its role Law and Order: True Crime: The Murders of Menendez, playing Supersonic. However, the three characters mentioned above are original characters, so the details of how they fit into the third season are not currently known.

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Flanery, Wechsler and Villanueva play Jensen Ackles (Supernatural) as Soldier Boy and Katia Winter (Blood and treasure, Sleepy Hollow) Rogue Little Nina, while expected returnees include Karl Urban, Jack Quaid, Tomer Capon, Laz Alonso, Karen Fukuhara, Antony Starr, Dominique McElligott, Erin Moriarty, Jessie Usher, Nathan Mitchell, Chace Crawford, Claudia Doumit, Colby Minifie and Giancarlo Esposito.

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