Bruce Willis and John Travolta reunite with Paradise City

More than a quarter of a century after appearing on screen in one of Quentin’s Tarantino Pulp fiction, Bruce Willis and John Travolta merge paradise city, directed by Chuck Russell’s new action thriller (Mask, Eraser).

According to the deadline, the film will be described as “Miami Vice, but with bounty hunters instead of cops,” and Willis will see a player, Ryan Swan, a renegade bounty hunter who travels through the Hawaiian criminal world and seeks revenge on the royal pin in charge (Travo). about the murder of his father.

Meanwhile paradise city marks the second time Willis and Travolta have split the screen, both duos previously worked on hit comedies See who’s talking and See who’s talking too, when Willis lent his voice to Travolta’s baby boy Mikey.

Shooting continues paradise city is about to begin on Monday in Maui, Hawaii, with Willis and Travolta starring Thai model and actress Praya Lundberg (Kingdoms).

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