Bruce Willis began the action trilogy Fortress



Deadline says Bruce Willis is back in touch with Emmett / Furla Films again, this time for a sci-fi trilogy called Fortress, the first two batches of which are now in production.

By profession, the films are directed by James Cullen from Bressack’s scripts by Alan Horsnail, and Willis will be seen starring in several of his recent live video collaborators, including Jesse Metcalfe (Hard to kill) and Chad Michael Murray (Survive the night) together with Kelly Greyson (Disturb the peace).

Fortress follows a group of criminals led by Balzary (Murray) who attack a secret resort held by retired U.S. intelligence chiefs in retaliation against Robert (Willis) in retaliation, forcing the former spy and his son (Metcalfe) to save the day.

Filming of Fortress and Fortress 2 takes place in Puerto Rico, and Fortress 3 is scheduled to be shot later.



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