Bruce Willis, Kevin Dillon and Frank Grillo starring in the action thriller A Day to Die

Vertical Entertainment has announced that Bruce Willis has just wrapped up a filming action thriller The day of death, who sees action veteran starring alongside Frank Grillo (Boss Level) and Kevin Dillon (Entourage).

Directed by Wes Miller (The river runs red, Hell on the border), Day to Death follows a disgraceful parole officer (Dillon) who owes a local gang leader and has to pull a series of dangerous drug shifts within twelve hours of paying $ 2 million in debt to save the kidnapped. pregnant wife and agreed on points with the city’s corrupt police chief (Willis), who works with the gang leader and baptized her years ago.

“Choosing a filmmaker’s distributor is a very important thing, and I’m excited to partner with Vertical to import The day of death to the world, ”Miller said. “The team there welcomes a wide range of material from a wide range of filmmakers and has worked with the best actors and filmmakers.”

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Along with Willis, Grillo and Dillon The day of death featuring an actor featuring Leon, Brooke Butler, Vernon Davis, Mohamed Karim, Alexander Kane, Curtis Nichouls and Gianni Capaldi.

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