Bungie reveals how Destiny 2 crossword works and doesn’t work, and a rough idea of ​​when


Fate 2 developer Bungie revealed a lot of information about the game’s upcoming cross-game support in a blog post on Thursday afternoon. Let’s get this out of the way first: Bungie doesn’t have an exact date yet when you can play with your friends on other platforms, but the studio promises that the feature will launch “early” in season 15, which is expected to begin on August 24th.

Season 15 also brings an important change to ensure you have a consistent identity in crossword puzzles: the new Bungie Name system. Your Bungie name is created based on the name associated with the platform you first play in Season 15, and it looks like PlayerName # 1234. This screenshot gives you a better idea of ​​what it looks like inside the game:

Preview of Bungie names Fate 2.
Photo: Bungie

Bungie doesn’t have a name change feature available with the launch of Crosswords – it’s not expected before winter. So make sure you first play on the season 15 platform with the name you want to associate with your Bungie name.

The studio executes names using a moderate process to prevent offensive terms from slipping, and says characters in names that “we can’t display in the game or can’t type in the player’s search box via the console’s virtual keyboards” are stripped.

Bungie also discussed how players on different platforms will be reconciled with the launch of crossword puzzles. In PvE modes, “there will be one global partnership pool,” Bungie says, but in competition modes (Crucible, Iron Banner, Trials, and Gambit), matchmaking breaks down like this:

  • PC players match up with PC players
  • Console players compete with console players – and especially Stadia players who can use the mouse and keyboard
  • Gaming groups with a mix of PC and console players are compatible with other PC players

However, this approach may change at some point as it starts – Bungie says “it may not be the answer forever”.

One missing feature at startup is platform-centric voice chat, Bungie said. “We have encountered some overdue development issues and are currently working to ensure that this experience is completed before it is posted,” Bungie said. The company considered postponing the cross-delay to ensure that the feature was included, but has instead decided to launch it without it and add it to an update that is due soon after the introduction of Cross Play.

Bungie talks a lot more about crossword in his latest blog, and if you’re interested in learning more, I recommend spending a few minutes read the whole thing.

Bungie confirmed in December that Fate 2 would be at odds in 2021. But in May, some players got to try it as early as the studio started has accidentally enabled this feature for some players – a loophole company finally closed. There was also official crossplay beta later this month.

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