Buy Any Phone on EMI Without a Credit Card

Over the past decade, mobile phones have grown to play an integral part in our lives. Today, we perform all of our tasks virtually online through our phones, which we probably wouldn’t have even imagined in the past.

The features of the phones also get updated quite regularly, making them more user-friendly. However, purchasing the latest phone can be heavy on the pocket. And you may prefer to use an option to pay on EMI without credit card.

Credit cards have been around for quite some time, and people have become a bit wary of depending too much on them. Apart from the obvious benefits of using a credit card, we have noticed a few pitfalls with liberal spending via credit cards.

Minimum Due Amount:

This is the amount displayed at the top of the credit card bill. Quite a few credit card users fall into the trap of believing that the minimum due amount is all they need to pay. In reality, that is the minimum amount they need to pay to keep their credit facilities active. This results in them spending more while accruing interest on their current outstanding debt. It can have the disastrous consequence of their ending up with a huge sum to pay.

Hidden Costs:

There are quite a few charges and costs that can push up the cost of owning a credit card. Joining fees, late payment fees, processing fees, and renewal fees, along with the penalty for late payments and repeated late payments, are just a few. All this makes you wonder if there are alternatives to making purchases without a credit card.


The revolving credit feature makes it difficult to track how much credit you have used up. This leads to the fatal error of overspending, which ends up with you having to pay back more than you can easily afford. Luckily, an excellent “buy now, pay later” alternative is available in India. It will allow you to make purchases through EMI without a credit card.

EMI Through Debit Card:

You can also buy a mobile phone on EMI using your debit card. Many banks offer you the facility of purchasing items on EMI through your debit card. A direct EMI conversion is available while purchasing on e-commerce websites with your debit card. 

In such cases, the merchant converts the product’s price into EMIs based on the tenor chosen by the customer. The merchant then bears the interest rate as an additional discount offered to the customer. The monthly EMIs are then deducted from the buyer’s linked savings account.

You need to check with your bank if you are eligible for this offer. If you qualify, you can buy now and pay later through convenient EMIs to your bank in India. The bank also allows you to repay the amount thru your linked bank account at the tenure you feel suits you best.

EMI through debit cards is quite a popular option to buy now and pay later in India without using your credit card. It’s an excellent way for you to get your hands on the latest phones and technological gadgets without breaking the bank.

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