California accuses Riot of misleading workers for their right to speak


The California Department of Fair Employment and Housing issued a statement that Riot Games has failed to inform its employees of their right to speak to the government about harassment and discrimination.

In a press release, DFEH – frame also sues Activision Blizzard on grounds of discrimination and harassment – stated that he had asked the courts “to compel Riot Games Inc. to comply with a court order of 4 June 2021 requiring the company to send a notice to its employees of their right to speak to DFEH.”

In 2018 an extensive research Kotaku it was revealed that Riot Games created an environment where female workers were harassed, belittled and promoted. In November of the same year, one current and one former employee filed a class action accuses Riot Games of sex discrimination. In 2019, Riot settled the matter, costs $ 10 million for current and former female employees who worked for the company in 2014-2019. CEO of Riot Nicolo Laurent was accused of harassing a female executive’s assistant but the task force investigating the claim found “no evidence” injustice.

Investigating Riot Games, DFEH found language in the agreements between the company and employees that “suggested that employees could not voluntarily and honestly talk to the government about sexual harassment and other violations.” In response, DFEH asked the courts to force Riot to give its employees a notice stating their right to speak to the government about harassment or discrimination, regardless of whether they may have signed non-disclosure agreements. According to DFEH, such agreements have a “cooling effect on people’s willingness to provide information which may be relevant to DFEH, since it seeks to promote the public interest in order to eliminate illegal employment discrimination and harassment”.

The courts granted DFEH’s request and ordered Riot Games to make a remedial statement, but DFEH claims that Riot still has not done so after two months.

By email to Limit, A Riot spokesman said “notifications are being sent to former employees confirming that Riot’s dismissal agreements have never in any way forbidden speaking to government agencies.” A Riot spokesman also denied DFEH’s allegations regarding the language of transmission, which could warn employees not to speak to the government. A spokesman sent a screenshot of part of the company’s termination agreement, stating, “Nothing in this agreement prevents you from reporting any violations of federal or state laws or regulations to any government agency or entity.” The spokesman noted that this had been the standard language in the company’s termination agreement for years.

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