Call of Duty Warzone: Best Season 3 Meta Weapons and Loadouts

Is the Stoner 63 accurate? Absolutely not, but you don’t turn to LMGs for accuracy, and this gun’s high rate of fire and raw damage output mean that it excels at everything you do tend to rely on an LMG for.


It’s always a little controversial to recommend the Kar98 given that the gun is a sniper rifle that doesn’t excel at long-range duels. Actually, the Kar98 is not really an ideal long-range gun in a lot of ways.

However, the Kar98 is one of the rare sniper rifles that you can turn to in the heat of a moment and use it to win battles before they have the chance to begin. You’re going to have to choose your shots carefully with this one, but as a longer range option that doesn’t require you to commit to that sniper lifestyle, it’s a unique and powerful weapon.


Early reports suggest that the new Swiss K31 could soon find itself at the top of any sniper tier list, but the HDR is getting the nod for the moment given that it’s still the more “proven” option for what it does.

Simply put, this is a slow, heavy, and devastating long-range weapon. It hits big and misses big, but its high bullet velocity means that it’s actually a little easier to hit moving targets with this gun than it is with some other sniper rifles that offer similar functionality.


No Warzone player loves having to rely on a pistol, but since there are many situations where you’ve got to at least include one in your loadout, then you might as well choose the Renetti.

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