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Whether you call them perfume blotters, tester strips, sampling paper or the more poetic ‘mouillettes de parfum’, they have become one of the most powerful tools in the perfumers arsenal. The simplest and cheapest way to test a fragrance is to use a piece of paper.

Keep in mind that your sense of smell is at its sharpest in the morning so you should try to test scents during this time. Also, avoid wearing other fragrances when testing.

Perfume Tester

Perfume testers, also known as fragrance samples, are original perfume bottles that aren’t sold in the usual retail packaging. They are often cheaper than the official perfume bottle and  e purchased online at discounted prices. They are ideal for people who want to try a new scent without spending too much money or for those who prefer to travel with their perfumes in smaller containers. Moreover, they  easily stored in a dark and cool place, avoiding any moisture or light exposure.

Although some customers are confused about the difference between perfume testers and genuine fragrances, there are a few important differences to consider. For example, the actual liquid in a perfume tester is exactly the same as the fragrance contained in the original perfumes for men and women. However, they are presented in a different way and can sometimes be found in a plain box without a label.

Usually, you can’t buy a perfume tester in a physical store, but they are available at many online discount websites. When you purchase a perfume tester online, make sure that the name of the product has “(Tester)” appended to it, which will indicate that you’re buying a sample size bottle. You can also find the information by looking at the item’s photo, which will usually show a perfume bottle without a cap and in a plain white box.


Another thing to keep in mind when purchasing a perfume tester is that it can become damaged by sunlight over time. This can cause the perfume to degrade, causing it to smell different from the original bottle. To avoid this, you should purchase a perfume tester that is kept in a dark, cool place, like a closet or a drawer.

You can also purchase perfume testers that have been sprayed before and are referred to as second-hand or used perfumes. These are normally found on marketplaces such as eBay and Etsy, but they should be clearly labelled as such. Some online perfume stores will offer a full description of the condition of the fragrance tester and will not sell it to anyone who does not understand the difference between a used and a new perfume.

Features Of Good Perfume Tester

Perfume testers are perfume bottles that contain the same fragrance as the original perfumes sold in stores. They are often less expensive and come with plain packaging, without a cap. They are also sometimes available online, where they   bought in bulk at a much lower price. Perfume testers are a good way to try out different scents before buying the original version.

One of the biggest myths about perfume testers is that they do not smell the same as the original perfumes and are watered down before they are displayed in the store. However, this is not true. The perfume juice in a tester is the same as that of an official bottle, and they have exactly the same ingredients. The only difference is that the testers are not as aesthetically appealing and may be packaged in cardboard or bubble wrap.

Another myth is that perfume testers have shorter shelf lives than the official versions. However, this is also not true. The quality of perfume testers is the same as that of a standard bottle, and they are manufactured in the same way. They are also made by the same manufacturers and sold through the same channels.


You can find a perfume tester in many places, including department stores and boutiques. These stores usually have a selection of the latest fragrances and offer discounts on their prices. You can also purchase a perfume tester from an online shop or from a third-party discounter. However, it is best to visit a physical store so that you can test the perfumes on yourself before purchasing them.

Some testers come with extra information printed on the side of the bottle, while others do not have this feature. Some even have foreign words, such as Asian and Middle-Eastern languages, which indicate that the perfumes were distributed from overseas. Perfumes should be stored away from light and humidity, as they can easily evaporate in a short period of time. This is why the durability of a perfume depends on how it is stored. For example, if you leave a perfume uncapped for a long period of time, it will become less fragrant over time.

Manufacture Of Perfume Tester

Perfume testers are used in a perfume store or shopping centre to demonstrate the perfume for potential customers to try. They are the same as the official bottles and contain the same perfume, but do not come with a cap or box. They are often discounted, and may not be available at all stores. If you’re looking to save money, you should consider purchasing a perfume tester online.

Some people have misconceptions about perfume testers and assume that they are used or expired, but this is not true. Most fragrances have a similar shelf life as regular bottles, unless they are damaged or opened. It’s important to check the product’s authenticity before buying it, as there are many scammers who sell fake perfume. To avoid being ripped off, always compare the pictures from the original webshop to those from fragrance discounters.

You can purchase perfume testers from several websites that offer them at a much lower price than the original bottle. Some of these websites are also able to provide additional information about the product. They will usually include the product code, if it is printed on the box. It is also possible to purchase a single fragrance tester, which is ideal for those who don’t want to buy the whole bottle.

Fragrance testers are manufactured in the same way as normal bottles, but they are usually not for sale. They are usually presented in a white or brown box and do not have the cap. Some of them have a special label indicating that they are tester fragrances.


Another difference between perfume testers and regular bottles is that the former are designed to be displayed at a fragrance counter. This means that the liquid inside is not protected from light, which can damage it over time. This  avoided by purchasing perfume testers from a reputable manufacturer.

It’s not a good idea to store perfumes in the sun or near a radiator, as they will lose their smell over time. It is recommended to store perfumes in a dark, cool place. It is also a good idea to use a deodorant or perfume spray as a base before applying a perfume. This will help the perfume last longer.

Methods Of Perfume Tester

Fragrance testers, also known as perfume samples or scent strips, are a quick and easy way to test a fragrance before buying an official bottle. They consist of a strip of thin, absorbent paper that  used by spraying a perfume onto it. Once dry, the strip   placed on the skin and rubbed in, giving a real-time feel for how a perfume will smell on the body.

Compared to the original bottles of perfume, testers are typically cheaper. However, they do not come with the fancy store packaging and may have no caps. Some people are worried that they might be counterfeited because they lack the brand’s trademark and logo. In reality, perfume testers are authentic and contain the same perfume juice as the ones you’d find in an official bottle.

Perfume testers are manufactured at the same factories as regular bottles and use the same ingredients. They are not intended for sale, but some online fragrance webshops sell them. Usually presented in the 100ml variants, but they may be embodiment in other sizes as well. Are usually offered in plain white or brown boxes without cellophane.


Some people worry that the absence of a cap on perfume testers can make them easier to counterfeit. The truth is, perfume caps add style to the bottle and prevent it from spraying during shipping. In addition, they protect the juice from oxidation. However, a missing cap is not a big deal, especially when the perfume is sold for cheap.

Testing perfume on your skin is the best way to experience its full smell, but you can also try it on paper strips or blotters. Perfumes are formulated from volatile compounds in an ethanol/water mixture, which means that they will evaporate faster than the evaporating water. Moreover, sunlight and humidity will affect the longevity of perfumes, so it is important to store them properly.

Many perfume companies offer testers of their fragrances, and they are similar to the actual fragrance in an official bottle. However, the scents on the tester bottles will expire more quickly than those in the official bottle. This is because the scents are exposed to light, which degrades the molecules that create them. The good news is that perfumes can last longer if they are stored in dark, opaque bottles and kept away from direct sunlight.


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