Captain America, Winter Solider and US Agent Funko Pops Pre-Orders

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The The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Funko Pops! line picked up a trio of new characters following the season finale that premiered this past Friday.

You can now pre-order Sam Wilson as Captain America, Winter Soldier, and US Agent at Entertainment Earth.

Note that an exclusive Captain America with Shield Taking Fire is available to pre-order at Amazon, along with the other figures in the assortment for the same $10.99 price at EE.

Each of these new The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Funko Pops! are due to arrive in June, the same time a few of the previously announced Pops! from the same Disney+ series, such as Sharon Carter and John Walker, were anticipated to ship out.

Others, like Falcon and Baron Zemo, are scheduled for an August arrival.

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