Cara Buono, Clare Foley, Spencer List and William Sadler join the horror of Sher Came From The Woods


Cara Buono (Stranger Things), Clare Foley (Gotham), The Spencer list (Good problem) and William Sadler (Bill & Ted meet the music) will be seen next in the horror film He came from the forest.


He came from the forest is based on Bloomquist’s 2017 short film of the same name. This results in “overnight camp staff when they created an old legend on the last day of summer 1987.”

Towards the deadline, the film has already been completed in the secret description of director Erik Bloomquist, a script written by himself and his brother Carson Bloomquist. The film also stars Michael Park (Stranger Things) and Tyler Elliot Burke (Punisher).

“After the seed has been planted in our short film, we are eager to finally bring this story to life full and alive,” Bloomquist Brothers said in a statement. “He came from the forest is an upcoming age – old horror film that has its roots in the family family, the dangers associated with group characters, the motives we tell, and the secrets we keep. “

He came from the forest has been developed and produced by Bloomquist’s Mainframe Pictures.


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