Career Development Strategies For Aspiring Information Technology (IT) Technician

A career in information technology, commonly referred to as IT, is quickly becoming one of the most practical choices for students. This is because IT functions play a central role in the modernization of a lot of business entities and establishments. As such, these types of jobs have been very in-demand as of late. Obviously, this also means that opportunities are plenty.

In this article, we are going to talk about the strategies for developing your career in the field of IT. This list will include things such as mastering a handful of programming languages, engaging in extensive IT projects, using a resume builder for your job application, and developing communication skills. By the end of this article, you should hopefully be a lot more knowledgeable about how to jumpstart your career as early as now.

Proficiency in Various Programming Languages

This is perhaps the most obvious tip that we can share with you. IT roles, whatever the case may be, will almost always include some sort of software manipulation through coding and programming. As such, the more versatile your skillset is when it comes to programming languages, the more valuable you will be to your company. There are hundreds of programming languages out there, but you only really need to master at least three. Our recommendation would be that you master programming using Javascript, Python, and C. These three programming languages are the most used when it comes to the majority of systems out there. Thus, being proficient in these three languages is a skill that is universally applicable.


Engage in Extensive IT Projects

One of the most common reasons why a lot of IT graduates eventually settle for low-paying jobs is that they don’t take on huge or extensive IT projects. Usually, they stick with the very basic stuff like cleaning computers and installing software. If you limit yourself to these activities alone, you quickly lose your value to your company. Although you can perform these tasks a lot faster and more efficiently, these things can all be learned by the common Joe. In other words, it does not take a lot of skill and effort to watch some online guides and learn to do these things in less than an hour. If you really want to take your skills to the next level and if you want to expand your portfolio, be open to tackle greater challenges.

Some examples of extensive IT projects include setting up a fully customized system-wide firewall, programming and maintaining a point-of-sale (POS) system, and leading a centralized data management platform. In doing these things, not only do you get the chance to enhance your current skill set, but you also constantly advertise yourself to prospective employers and other firms so that you can have better opportunities ahead.

Use An App or Website to Build Your Resume

As we mentioned earlier, there’s currently an influx in both interest and demand for IT jobs. As such, you may find it hard to find a job opportunity with a seemingly high degree of competition. In line with this, it might be a good idea to resort to apps or websites to build your resume so that you can ensure that you are creating an effective and appropriate output to submit to companies.

Develop Interpersonal Communication

Another area where a lot of IT graduates and employees struggle is communication. IT has always been viewed as a job that is performed behind a desk or behind corporate curtains and walls. As such, a lot of the employees don’t really get a lot of chances to communicate and express themselves. This often leads to inefficiencies in jobs and projects, and it is also highly prone to error and miscommunication.

To address this concern, learn how to communicate with other people. Communicate with your peers and workmates so that you can collaborate better. Communicate with your supervisors so that you can clear out the objectives and goals that your team needs to achieve. Communicate with your subordinates so that your team will be a lot more productive. Always remember that communication goes a long way, and it is one of the most basic yet most important skills you have to master in any workplace environment.



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