Cartoon Preview – Batman: Urban Legends # 3


Batman: Urban Legends # 3 is this Tuesday, and you can take a peek here from the official preview of DC Comics; take a look here …









The mystery of Cole Cash and HALO deepens as Batman takes on a more active role in exploring a man named Grifter. But the other villains in Gotham are starting to notice what Grifter is doing, and they’re trying to assassinate! How long can the unlikely collaboration of this dynamic duo last?

The Epic of Outsiders will come to an end when they return with three iconic Outsiders: Black Lightning, Katana and Metamorpho, all of whom unite to face Katana’s mother-in-law! This finale will change the makeup of the Outsiders forever and set them on a new track in the DC universe!

Red Hood and Batman fight over what they should do with a child who is now an orphan as a result of Red Hood’s temperament. Although they temporarily place the child in the care of Leslie Thompkins, she discusses doing the right thing. Does he just take care of another Robin in training?

Batman: Urban Legends # 3 goes on sale on May 11th.


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