Cartoon Preview – Spider-Man # 1 Network


Marvel publishes Spider-Man Network No. 1 next week and we have an official preview on the subject for you here …


Spider-Man Network 1-2-600x910

Spider-Man Network-1-3-600x910

Spider-Man Web-1-4-600x910

Spider-Man Network 1-5-600x910

Peter Parker. A spider man. Scientist. Troublemaker? Thanks to anyone other than Tony Stark, the new scientific research station for the teenage heroes of the Marvel Universe has just been completed – and Spider-Man has just been invited to join! As you work with some of MU’s favorite faces and a whole bunch of awesome new equipment, and when Iron Man keeps an eye on them, surely everything goes well for the heroes, right?

… Right? Face to face, true believers, and Pamper yourself with this first issue of WORLDWIDE ENGINEERING BRIGADE!

The Spider-Man # 1 network will go on sale on June 9 for $ 3.99.

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