Cartoon Preview – Vampire 1992


Dynamite Entertainment takes us back to the 90s this Wednesday with the release of a new single shot The Vampire 1992; check out the official preview here …











“Ah, the 90s, weird but dynamic link between the surplus of the 80s and the prematureness of the barrels. The time when heroes are born, dead and reborn (again). In the midst of all this creative chaos, the shape of the cartoon was torn between the muscle-bound proliferation of All Things Pouch and the dizzying stew provided by the British Comics Invasion.

Now, long ago in 1992, VAMPIRELLA finds herself a vampire trapped not only between two worlds, but between two genres! When a “bad girl model” hired to portray a Vampire in conventions and signatures is confronted with a terrorist incident, she is forced to face not only the nunchucks men in front of her, but also the insidious forces hanging beneath the surface of geek culture … and her own dark past. “

The 1992 Vampire will go on sale on June 2.

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