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After years of delays and expectations, Geoff Johns and Gary Frank return to their worlds Batman: One country with the third, where young Bruce Wayne grows into a fully primed and realized Batman, all Harvey Dent apparently returning from the dead to destroy Gotham City. Johns and Frank deliver a fascinating story full of Frank’s usual stunning visual and interesting excerpts from several classic Batman characters that still give Earth One brand new attraction. If this really is their final Earth One story, the pair submitted a final worthy of the Dark Knight.

The story progresses pretty soon after the situation in the second part saw Batman beat Riddler, but Harvey Dent at the cost of his life with his sister Jessica. Now that Batman continues to find the right scene with the help of Alfred and Waylon ‘Killer Croc’ Jones, he must deal with a war-torn city as various gangs are increasingly armed with deadly weapons such as rocket launchers, flamethrowers and other assault weapons, all apparently living Harvey D which is revenge against Gotham and Batman. Meanwhile, a return from the character of Bruce’s genealogy, who throws Bruce into the loop as he reveals some of the secrets of the Wayne and Arkham clans.

Johns writes a pretty compelling story and takes Batman. Batman himself is a little familiar with what tall fans are used to because he is a more confident and capable criminal fighter. However, Johns also asked for some of Bruce’s qualities in Batman’s earlier years, as he is much more open to seeking help not only from his regular allies like Alfred and Gordon, but from other surprising sources like Killer Croc and Catwoman. The friendship between Bruce and Waylon continues Butter. 2 and there is an interesting aspect Butter. 3, especially as Alfred is very hesitant about Waylon with his previous fight with Bruce. It’s a really fun reversal because it’s Alfred Earth One who doesn’t want to rely on outside help when Bruce is more open to it. Johnson’s work in giving his characterizations a new mind while making them familiar creates a nice balance, though in Alfred’s case he still becomes very strong as a mentor like Brusque Sean Connery than the wiser and more well-mannered trustee he usually is.

The side characters are quite interesting and are not just thrown at the fans, they have special roles both in the story and among Bruce’s team. Waylon is a fascinating member of the team because he knows the underworld of Gotham City (both figurative and literal) and how one scene introduces him as an evil cop to Batman’s good cop – a funny contrast to Batman’s usual interrogation methods. The feline makes an official introduction to Batman as an ally and hired. The catwoman is bold in the normal way, and the chemistry created by Johns between her and Batman is true to most of their appearances in other media, especially as Catwoman has a much more flexible morale depending on the situation. Jessica Dent also makes a good foil for Bruce as she tries to bring Gotham back from the brink of dealing with her brother’s supposed death and revenge against the city. Although Gordon is not yet a commissioner, he has written well as a department captain. The only character who doesn’t get much to do is Bullock that he has fallen aside mostly with his character arc and trauma.

In terms of art, the whole team pours it out of the park with pictures of Frank, colors by Brad Anderson, and ink from Jon Sibal. Frank does a great job throughout the book with the expressions and movements of his character, providing plenty of detail for the emotional state. The action is well choreographed and energetic, and the character’s movements take you quickly from panel to panel. The new versions of Two-Face, Catwoman and Killer Croc designed by Frank also fit into this world, although in Catwoman’s case, it’s something of a dramatic departure from her traditional appearance. His color scheme is reminiscent of the 80s and 90s, while his appearance is much more modern and youthful to Gotham’s most famous cat burglar. It’s an interesting shot that Frank uses to showcase his athleticism more than his curvy character. Anderson’s colors are rich, emphasizing the darkness of Gotham City as well as the liveliness of the characters ’costumes and appearance, while Sibal’s inks give a detailed definition of the shadows, the city, and the characters’ faces. One special splash page at an early stage just screams Batman’s rage and is a showcase for the combined talents of Frank, Anderson and Sibal.

The only podium material is a breakdown of two splash pages showing every step like Frank’s sketch, Sibal’s inks and a complete picture of Anderson’s colors. Given the six-year wait for this song as well as the possibility that it marks the finale Batman: One country, it would have been great to see Johns or the art team reflect on the trilogy and how they could move forward. Overall, though Batman: Earth One Vol. 3 is a great story with strong and interesting depictions for Batman and his friends alongside stunning works of art. Anyone who has been a fan Batman: One country the series should be very pleased with this third and possibly last amount.

Rating: 8/10

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