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Few superhero comics have withstood the test of time as strongly as Batman: Animation series is. Despite being nearly 30 years old, it is still cited as one of the best, if not the most definitive, to take on the Dark Knight and his extensive mythology. Batman: Animation series even kicked with the DC Animated Universe Superman: Animation series, Batman Beyond, Defenders of justice and others. Now DC is exploring other adventures inside Batman: Animation series with Batman: The adventures continue into the first season, where Batman, Robin and Batgirl face a number of enemies not involved in the original run, including Deathstroke, Azreal and even Jason Todd / Red Hood. With Batman: Animation series co-creator Paul Dini returned with author Alan Burnett and artist Ty Temploton, first season The adventures continue is a welcome return to DCAU’s Batman Corner, which tells exciting and fascinating stories featuring Caped Crusader.

The adventures continue starts sometime after the end of the year A new Batman adventure but before Defenders of justice and the event described Batman Beyond: The Return of the Joker. Batman still protects Gotham with the help of Batgirl and Tim Drake Robin, but old and new enemies cause trouble when they are silenced by the murky character of Batman’s past and Deathstroke enters Gotham. The book contains stories that are mostly episodic, and the larger story overlaps throughout the season as Batman explores their mysterious followers while dealing with new entrants to the city. Dini and Burnett craft stories that fit perfectly into the world of the world Batman: Animation series and it should come as no surprise, given Din’s involvement, the characters ’voices sound not only about their portrayals in the series, but read, for example, how the voice skills of Kevin Conroy, Mark Hamill, Tara Strong, and others actually play them.

Even the new ones take the familiar characters of Batman myths well. The series by Tim Drake was a combination of a comic book library and Jason Todd comics. Tim was the new Robin after Dick Grayson left for Nightwing. Now Dini and Burnett are playing with continuity to match Jason Todd’s Robin DCAU memory Batman, Alfred and Batgirl would rather forget. Jason Todd’s existence adds a second layer to why Batman initially hesitated to train Timia as Robin, as Jason was not only wildly unpredictable, but violent to go to the villain weeks before a fatal encounter with the Joker. He’s the main story of the season and is built pretty well when Dini and Burnett set their own spins Red hood shaking.

Unlike the comics, however, Jason is quite uncomfortable and asympathetic because he showed a little patience to Batman and Alfred and was more open to hitting criminals in a bloody mass and using deadly weapons against them from the start. Batman and Jason have a complicated relationship, but some of the nuances are lost because they don’t feel like the comic’s father / son, and Jason is almost redeemable. They still have interesting discussions about their nature and how Jason can design Batman’s usual tactics, but it’s not as strong as the actual source material. Hopefully more will be explored in the title in the second term.

In addition to Jason, the villain most saddening to Batman is Deathstroke, one of the few DC villains who never appeared in DCUA. Deathstroke is a well-written and very credible threat when he first tries to show a charming and respectable visitor to Gotham. It’s very great to see him subtly weaken Batman and try to force Robin and Batgirl as part of his plan. Dini and Burnett use his skills as a smart tactic in very much entertaining episodes that highlight how great a threat he is.

The Joker, of course, also appears in a couple of stories, featuring a new henchman named The Straightman, imagining something lobotomized Captain America working in the Joker, as well as other conventional customs like Mr.Freeze, Catwoman and Penguin. Even Lex Luthor and Superman make a special appearance that is still associated with DCAU. There’s also a holiday-themed issue where Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy are holding a Christmas party for whoever the villains of Gotham are, which goes even so far that Din’s spectacular and funny Knute Brody Detective comics # 1000 makes another great look. All in all, the characters, villains and stories are all very entertaining and fit the tone Batman: Animation series.

Ty Templeton’s artwork captures DCAU’s style and atmosphere quite well. The designs of the new characters are pretty good and include many references to comics, such as Batman’s armored suit The Dark Knight returns, both Azreal costumes during and after Knightfall and more. His work of art really feels B: TAS the cartoon and his character movements, expressions, and battle sequences are detailed and animated.

Monica Kubina’s colors also reflect DCAU’s style with bold colors. The book is a fiery battle at the museum for the Harley Christmas party and is very vibrant as several images stand out because of Kubina’s work. A collection of Randy Mayor’s name card-evoking digital problems has been added to the artwork B: TAS‘title cards to a large extent. The various DC artists also have a few transformation icons that give their interpretation of Batman, his allies, and the enemies of the DCAU.

Batman: The adventures continue into the first season is a collection by all fans Batman: Animation series love. It’s great to see Dini and Burnett return to that world and bring in new but familiar characters and elements from DC Batman to the book of canon with both minor and major changes. The stories are fun, but still preserving B: TASthe style and seriousness of the drama, especially when it comes to Batman and Jason Todd. Simply put, do yourself a favor and check out this book.

Rating: 9/10

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