Casio’s latest G-SHOCK smartwatch is the first to run on Google’s Wear OS


Update: We have just been notified that the G-SHOCK GSW-H1000-1 has a retail price of $ 700 and will be available for purchase from mid-May at select G-SHOCK dealers and online.

Casio long line G-SHOCK watches has just grown with a brand new model that runs on Google Wear OS, a mobile platform that blows life into many so – called. smart watches. Dubbed GSW-H1000, Casio recently unveiled a smart watch, is part of the G-SQUAD PRO series and promises to offer many features designed to help users stay fit with activity goals and fitness monitoring.

Because this is G-SHOCK wearable, it is one of the toughest on the market, with impact resistance and 200 meters water resistance. In addition, the smartwatch includes an optical sensor that measures your heart rate, compass, altitude / barometric pressure sensor, accelerometer, gyrometer, built-in GPS and more.

The Casio smartwatch combines a black and white display, an always-on LCD with a time display, and a color LCD display when you want high-definition maps to be displayed on the screen. The dual screen allows users to select the correct setting while maintaining good visibility.

The case of the smart watch is made of titanium, which should provide great protection against corrosion. It also has aluminum start button and cell cover in housing and tape to improve toughness.

Unfortunately, the details of price and availability have not yet been revealed, although we know that they are available in three different variations: GSW-H1000-1, GSW-H1000-1A and GSW-H1000-1A4.


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