Charmhealth EHR – The Best Electronic Health Record for Small to Mid-Sized Practices


The Charmhealth EHR is one of the most reliable and efficient healthcare solutions on the market. It is available in the pay-as-you-use model and it is also HIPAA-compliant. This means that it provides critical data for clinical decisions.

Pay-as-you-use model

When it comes to paying for an EHR, there’s a wide range of options available. One of the best ones is CareCloud. It is an all-in-one platform that provides a comprehensive practice management solution. From mobile apps to social tools, this system is designed to streamline operations and help you manage patient volume.

Another good choice is CureMD. This is a cloud-based electronic health record that delivers advanced features at a reduced cost. The software is also built for reliability and performance. Its latest version includes a document manager, clinical reviews, and an iPad app.

In addition, Charm Health provides its users with a comprehensive set of RESTful APIs, which allow for easy integration with other systems. Some of these include e-Rx, telehealth, and inventory management. Those looking for a cloud-based EHR that is fully customizable can also check out Azalea Health Innovations.

HIPAA compliance

CharmHealth offers cloud-based electronic health record solutions for small to mid-sized medical practices. These solutions are designed to meet the needs of both providers and patients. They are HIPAA compliant and offer the convenience of online access.

Aside from the cloud-based EHR solution, Charm also has a variety of mobile apps to assist in your daily routine. You can use these apps to book appointments, receive email notifications, and communicate with your care team.

CharmHealth also offers an e-prescribing solution and a billing solution. Both of these features are free to patients. The billing solution helps you manage claims and patient payments. Similarly, the e-prescribing solution allows you to upload digital prescriptions to pharmacies.

Other than the aforementioned solutions, CharmHealth offers a document management module. This features a tagging system that makes it easier to find and review documents. It also lets you group multiple documents together.

Connects with pharmacies

Charmhealth EHR is an electronic medical record system that is accessible from any location. It offers various services including practice management, patient portal, telehealth, and e-prescribing. The platform also supports mobile apps.

Charmhealth EHR is a HIPAA-compliant software, and the service supports various medical fields. For instance, it connects with different labs, pharmacies, and erx solutions.

It is ideal for small-to-medium-size practices. It is also on the ONC MU 2015 certified list. In addition, it is affordable. Nevertheless, it does not offer live customer support.

One of the biggest benefits of the product is its ability to manage e-prescribing. This feature allows you to electronically send prescriptions to more than 70,000 participating pharmacies in the United States.

With the help of Charm, you can also check on your patients’ insurance coverage. You can find out if they have any deductibles, co-insurance, or no-fault claims. Moreover, you can build custom forms for your patients. Lastly, you can create reminders to keep them on track.

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Provides critical data that informs clinical decisions

The best electronic health record (EHR) is the one that is right for you and your patients. You’ll want a system that offers the clinical features and administrative tools you need to run your practice smoothly, as well as a robust mobile platform for mobile staff to use on the go. This can be done with the next generation of EHRs, such as the NextGen(r) Office and NextGen(r) Mobile. These are a couple of the best options out there.

The next generation EHRs from NextGen Healthcare have all the benefits of a desktop system with the additional benefits of cloud computing and a host of professional services. For example, NextGen Office’s suite of practice management tools and mobile apps are designed to support growth and security, and help you keep up with a changing healthcare landscape. Plus, the company’s dedicated support team is on hand to ensure your success.

Follows strict standards of data security

Charmhealth EHR is a cloud-based software solution that allows small practices to manage administrative tasks like billing and prescriptions. The product is available in both desktop and mobile versions. It has natural language processing and is based on a web client, so it’s compatible with most operating systems.

The company is HIPAA compliant and follows strict standards in regard to data security. This includes keeping up to seven years of past medical records, which would be very hard to do on paper. Data is also backed up on a regular basis and encrypted. In addition, users are regularly audited for access violations.

Charm is also a member of the Drummond Group, an ONC-ATCB program that helps physicians qualify for incentives for the Meaningful Use of an EHR. These include reimbursement of up to $39000 for Medicare and Medicaid.

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