Check out Apple’s official video presentation from day one of WWDC 2021


Check out Apple’s official video presentation from day one of WWDC 2021

If you forgot Keynote yesterday on the first day of the virtual WWDC 2021 event this Friday, you lost new features Apple deployed for their operating systems, including iOS 15, iPadOS 15, watchOS 8 and others. Apple has warmed up its time machine to return to Monday’s announcement via an official video it posted on Apple’s YouTube channel.
In a video hosted by Serenity Caldwell (well, his Memojis anyway), Tim Tim greets an invigorating set of Memojis and Apple Software Director Craig Federighi jumps through the wall. But the real stars of the show were the changes, including an “intuitive 3D redesign for Maps” and a new look for Safari.
Live Text looks and sounds like what Google would offer Pixel users and turn typed text on iPhone into a digital image that can be emailed, copied and pasted, sent as a message, and if the photographed text includes a phone number, you can make a call by tapping it. Apple completed FaceTime by adding format mode (to bring bokeh to your video chats), spatial audio, and SharePlay. The latter allows users to share video content (such as a movie or TV show) or listen to audio content simultaneously with iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Mac.
Always not forgetting AirPodit? This will not happen with Apple’s new Find My separation notifications. Apple monitors your privacy because iCloud + keeps your information away from data collectors. And Apple didn’t forget about the explosive iPad, and widgets aren’t allowed to be placed on any iPadOS 15 home screen, and the App Library will be available for Apple tablets with the update.

More will be found in Monday’s session and a preview will reveal what Apple is announcing today, including the new features of watchOS 8. Those of you who use the Apple ecosystem will count down the days to September, when updates are expected to drop.

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