Check out Changes made for 2022 GMC Terrain, Trims, and More

The 2022 GMC Terrain comes with a few significant changes that make it worth a look. It is an outstanding car that people are quite interested to know more about. If you are one of those who want to know more then either go through the facts presented below or straightaway visit Burley GMC dealer. Thus, it is better to start with changes made to the 2022 version and then move forward from there.

Transformations applied for 2022 Terrain

The entire styling of Terrain has been refreshed to make the 2022 variant better than its previous models. Changes made include revised front bumper and grille, new taillamps and headlights, fresh design for 19 and 18-inch wheels, wireless smartphone integration, updated upholstery, and more.

Also, changes are made to the AT4 model that sports a more sturdy/rugged chassis, while the base model of it is discontinued. Moreover, a 2L optional turbocharged engine is not available anymore, making the 1.5L turbo the only engine choice for people.

These are the significant changes that have been implemented for the 2022 GMC Terrain. However, there are ample subtle changes made, which you can know after consulting a GMC dealer at your convenience.

Trims available and fuel economy

The 1.5L engine is paired with an automatic 9-speed with AWD or FWD drivetrain. Moreover, it offers a mileage of 25 mpg in cities and 30 mpg on highways. For the AWD version, the highway mileage drops by 2 and falls to 28 mpg.

Four trims are available for people to select, which starts from SLE at $29,095. The SLT costs $33,045, while AT4 and Denali will cost an individual $35,145 and $37,745 respectively. Most people opt for the Denali trim as it provides the best features along with luxury aspects that are missing from other versions.

However, people who need to drive off-road most of the time should go for the AT4 model as it comes with a rugged exterior along with an improved suspension that allows a smooth driving experience even when off-roading.

Thus, it is completely up to a buyer, which model will suit him/her best before contacting a GMC dealer serving Burley.

Some other details

Accommodating and spacious interior is what one gets when opting for this vehicle. Better build quality than its ancestors is what makes this car more fetching. This automobile can hold 24 carry-ons with stowed seats, making it one of the most spacious in this category.

Numerous driver assistance features are standard for 2022 Terrain, among which the common ones are adaptive cruise control, assistance with lane-keeping and warning for lane departure, pedestrian detection for automatic braking, and more.

Each model of the 2022 GMC Terrain will provide you with features that makes driving this vehicle more fun than it might sound. All you need is to visit a showroom and clear any doubt if you still have one; then, just take a mandatory test drive and book one afterwards.

This is one of the best cars you can opt for and thus, you should check it out!

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