Check out Dynamite’s new Barbarella series first


Last month, Dynamite Entertainment announced it Barbarella is set to return to a brand new cartoon adventure, and now we have a first look preview of the debut book before its release in July; see it here …












In this exciting new series, Barbarella embarks on a mission full of danger, duality and a dose of romance as she travels to several imaginative sci-fi locations. Fans of character and genre can look forward to deep dives into class, romance, sexuality and other issues in the classic Barbarella style.

The story begins from planet to planet Camelot, home to rich and powerful classes seeking an escape from a crowded and declining galactic empire. Captured by desperate broadcasts from the subclass, Barbarella sets out to investigate by uncovering secrets. Along the way, he will visit the underwater world of Encantado, carnival-like Rio and more.

His espadar Barbarella joins two fun new characters that readers love to meet. His shiny new ship is full of advanced artificial intelligence called Taln, and their relationship can be more complicated than it looks … Even though Vyx is his new talking fencon-like talking pet. Who can have a few twists of their own …

Barbarella # 1 goes on sale on July 21st.

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