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Social audio platform Clubhouse has collaborated with the American media organization TED. The deal is contracted for exclusive programming that brings thought leaders from TED Clubhouse talk to the latter global community on a number of topics. TED is set up to host the configuration of the rooms through its clerk Clubhouse Club. The first room called ‘Thank Your A ** Off’ began streaming on July 12th. It runs weekly on Mondays at 11 a.m. ET. The room is hosted by New York Times best-selling author and well-known TED speaker AJ Jacobs along with well-known Mir Harris. Clubhouse creator as well as creative strategist.

The idea for the room is similar to the idea shared in TED Talks and Jacobs ’book. It calls Clubhouse community and well-known guests to come together to “thank the heroes of our lives.”

Under this partnership, TED is free to sell without brand partnerships or ads Clubhouseinterference, Limit reports. The latter has already been a very successful audio platform through its podcast activities. Therefore, the format of these conversations can probably be shared outside the app as an RSS feed.

Speaking about the partnership, Kelly Stoetzel, Clubhouse Thought Leadership Programming Manager, said: “This partnership brings these minds into dialogue with the millions of creators who make up Clubhouse Community”.

The inherently interactive nature of the audio app helps TED speakers share and connect with the live audience.

TED has a strong history of attracting audiences to new platforms and with the company Clubhouse is its first social voice partnership. The organization will establish new rooms through it in the future Clubhouse club.

Membership Clubhouse The community can follow the official TED club on the platform to get the latest updates related to scheduled rooms.


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