Check out this deal on Apple battery cases before it expires


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Check out this deal on Apple battery cases before it expires

Apple battery cases for some older iPhone models are now available for a limited time on Best Buy. With this deal you can save up to $ 78 on the battery case.

Apple – iPhone 11 Pro Smart Battery Case – Black

$ 78 discount (60%)

Apple – iPhone 11 Smart Battery Case – Black

$ 78 discount (60%)

Apple – iPhone XS Smart Battery – black

$ 39 off (30%)

Apple – iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case – Black

$ 60 off (60%)

If you’re struggling with the battery life of an aging iPhone, you’re sure to be happy with this Best Buy offer. Yes, the battery case makes your phone a little thick, but at least worry less about running out of juice. The $ 78 discount applies to the Battery Case iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max and regular iPhone 11. Apple battery cases iPhone XS and the price of the iPhone 7 has also been reduced, to $ 39 and $ 60, respectively. Please note that all offers are for black battery cases.

While the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro Max are excellent battery users, even if they don’t have a large battery added to them, other models aren’t the best in terms of battery life.

The aging iPhone 7 is well known for running out of battery power pretty quickly and is no longer at the end of the day. The iPhone XS and iPhone 11 Pro aren’t battery masters either, so if you own some of these models, especially the iPhone 7, this deal might solve all your problems. Apple first introduced its battery case in 2015 for the iPhone 6 and 6s series. The case was able to charge dead iPhone 6s to 80% on a single charge. The case connects through the flash port, so iPhone shows what battery is left in it. Apple has released battery cases for all iPhone models since then, except the iPhone 12 series.

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