Chrome for Android makes it easy to manage site permissions

Google is updating Chrome for Android access control, which makes it easy to access and manage site-specific permissions. Chrome Update for Android users makes the update faster in terms of what information the site can access. Tap the lock button, and then tap Permissions to see a list of which sites you are allowed to access. Google also says that there will also be a future feature that allows you to “forget” your site’s browsing history, which is similar to its latest feature that allows you to clear the last 15 minutes of browsing.

View of updated access control.
Gif: Google

Google also introduces some new privacy- and security-focused Chrome features, which are commands you can type in the address bar. For example, typing “delete history” will give you a button to delete the history. Today, Google is adding a “security check” feature that lets you scan your password, extension, and more, as well as actions that let you manage your security settings or sync. These features should be available on the Chrome desktop from today.

Chrome to manage passwords with the browser’s built-in tool.

The Google Blog also mentions a more comprehensive security update that extends the isolation of Google sites and improves the performance of phishing detection.

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