Chrome for iPhone and iPad gets widgets for search and Dino mini-games


As promising as iOS (and iPadOS) widgets are, it’s not easy to say we don’t have a choice of them right now. If rumors AppleThe upcoming iPadOS 15 is right, iPad users can finally place widgets on any home screen, so we can expect developers to focus on them later later this year, but for now, it’s good to see the big name app get the new iPhone and iPad widgets, and Google Chrome got just two new ones. The first is a fun waste of time, while the second helps speed up web search.

Chrome Dino game widget

The Dino widget launches Google Chrome and its dinosaur mini-game with a single tap. If you don’t know about Dino, it’s a fun endless runner built into all versions of Chrome and sporting simple touch controls. It was first introduced in desktop Chrome as a slightly hidden Easter egg that you can turn on when the Internet was down, but it’s not far from a secret today. If you often need short-term entertainment, this is a good widget for your iPhone or iPad.

Chrome search widget

This new widget may not be as fun as Dino, but it replaces it by being very useful. It’s just a simple Google search widget, so all you have to do is tap it to start a web search, which saves you two extra steps of launching the Chrome app and then tapping the search bar.

Here are three new widgets for Google Chrome that you may have right now:

To get widgets, make sure you have the Google Chrome app on your iPhone or iPad up to date.

If your apps don’t update automatically, just go to the App Store, find Chrome, and tap the Update button next to it. If there is no such button and the only option is to “Open” the application, it has already been updated to the latest version and you have the widgets.

I had to reopen Chrome after the upgrade to see the widgets, so if you still can’t see them, try it. We hope to start seeing more big-name developers bring us fun and useful new widgets.


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