Civilization building game Before We Leave arrives on Steam


Balancing Monkey Games and Team 17 have released a game of building civilization, Before we leave, On Steam. In a refreshing way, apocalyptic strategy games, Before we leave is a non-violent game where players focus on rebuilding civilization without having to worry about attacks from other survivors, mutants or zombies.


When an apocalyptic event took place, humanity fled beneath the surface to the safety of shelters. Now, after countless generations, it is time to leave the safety of these shelters, explore the world, and build civilization. Help the colonies thrive, establish new cities, organize trade routes, and expand civilization to other planets in the solar system.

Players can discover old techniques from previous times and use them to manage resources, pollution, and happiness, and to prevent ancestral mistakes.



The full release of the game on Steam will also bring a wealth of new content that has been added since its initial arrival at the Epic Games Store. These additions are:

  • Kraken Comes: showcases submarines, merchant ships, Kraken guards and underground shelters.
  • Over & Under: An update that introduces new overlays for better experiences, a new interface and interface, new languages, and more.
  • Opening the Road: This was a visual update, new roads, new resources, a new type of inventory, new effects, and more.
  • Biomes & Beasties: Bring three new island biomes to explore, new graphics, animal inclusion and discoverable secrets.

Before we leave is now available on Steam for a limited time discount.


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