Colonial Pipeline CEO confirms the company paid $ 4.4 million in ransom


Colonial Pipeline CEO Joseph Blount has confirmed that his company actually paid $ 4.4 million to the hackers responsible for the ransomware attack on a pipeline system that carries about 45 percent of the fuel used on the East Coast. Wall Street Journal write. Previously reported estimated Colonial Pipeline paid a ransom of nearly $ 5 million, the news, which was surprising – not because of the amount of money paid, but because paying ransoms to cybercriminals is law enforcement agencies deplored it.

The Colonial Pipeline situation is further complicated by the fact that the Colonial Pipeline Company was itself responsible for the closure. Blount says Magazine that its operating systems were not directly affected, but it shut down critical energy infrastructure in order to determine how far hackers got into their systems. Before today’s confirmation, both CNN and a cybersecurity provider Kim Zetter the proposed hackers specifically had access to the company’s billing system rather than to the management of the pipeline itself.

The hackers DarkSide were also responsible for the attack a strange apology that their ransom program caused so many problems, even though they eventually got what they wanted. “Our goal is to make money and not create problems for society,” the group wrote in a statement. Still, fuel shortage followed, and the Colonial Pipeline said so I just returned to normal operation May 15. Blount says Wall Street Journal however, work is underway to rebuild its business system – it will still not be able to bill customers after a downtime.


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