Comic Book Presentation – Critical Role: Vox Machina Origins Vol. 3 # 2


Calum Petrie evaluates critical role: Vox Machina Origins Vol. 3 # 2…


As we return to Exandria, the legends of Vox Machina grow more and more righteous (or notorious) every day. Tal’dorei’s future heroes are still in their relatively early story, but that doesn’t mean their journey should be as entertaining.

In the last issue, we saw our fearful adventurers blowing cash and desperately in need of a payday. When the suggestion of easy money comes from a shady half-brother, why not follow him?

The last number ended with Vox Machina stepping into the ring in the first round of battle in the pit, and we’ll be picking up just as the confrontation begins. Given that we’re moving the features of the D&D game into a comic book, it’s an action with no dice. The battle sequences are played very nicely, with plenty of humor, and nod to the interactions of the actor thrown into battle.

The beautifully drawn work of art justifies the wait between numbers, and each frame shows not only the characters but also the emotions and reactions they feel. An act that may not be hard to pull off, but very hard to pull off in a way that Olivia Samson performs easily.

The story shows the team fighting through the rounds in an attempt to win the big pot at the end of the tournament. One team in particular is testing them, which Grog sees as the biggest challenge, as there is someone almost as big as him and quiet possibly as strong. Show / podcast fans know that Grog cares more about the challenge than the award at the end, as his challenge to be the strongest person in any city at any given time feeds him more than anything. It comes in an interesting direction where the tournament is possibly stacked against our adventurer, but do you think it will stop them?

Critical role: Vox Machina Origins Vol. 3 # 2, just like all the numbers in this series, a smile on my face. References, jokes and even just seeing Matthew Mercer’s imagination in the world come to life is exciting. The hard work these people are doing to make the D&D game a global phenomenon is rewarding because they have created a brand, a successor, and a whole new generation of D&D players.

Effect Critical role in modern culture, there is evidence that everyone on a certain level loves escapism, we love to dig into our imaginations, and live in heroic fantasy roles. Imagination is a great thing that everyone should use on a daily basis.

Rating: 9/10

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