Comic book preview – Justice League # 61


Justice League # 61 is coming next Tuesday and we have an official preview on the subject here for you with the kindness of DC Comics …

The new Justice League is trapped in a superpower-ravaged world, and Brutus longs for a new planet of his own! Once its power is lost, the League must fight out of the apocalyptic Thunderdom after depravity and despair. As he runs with Batman, Naomi learns more dark secrets from her gloomy broken world, while Hawkgirl and Black Canary fight through artisan wells. But where are Superman and Black Adam, and what kind of problem does Aquaman have? (Hint: it’s bad.)

And in the Justice League Dark story, Ragman joins the hunt! Zatanna, Constantine, Etrigan, and Detective Chimp hit the books in a literally dedicated library as Merlin’s plan takes shape in front of them … and casts a spell on the universe.

Justice League # 61 will go on sale on May 18 for $ 3.99.


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