Comic book preview – Justice League # 62


Justice League # 62 is this Tuesday and we have an official preview here with permission from DC Comics …

Legal League-62-1-600x923

Legal League-62-2-600x923


Legal League-62-4-600x923

Legal League-62-5-600x923

Justice League! The greatest heroes! The biggest threats! The league must rule its forces uncontrollably and trapped in a world they don’t understand, to unite like never before. Queen Hippoly is forced to face her new destiny. All of this and the last page are so shocking that Naomi fans are screaming! Meanwhile, in our bonus story, Justice League Dark is trapped in the library of Babel, where they learn the hard way that a pen is more awesome than their sword. Elsewhere, Merlin directs his gaze to the lost city, which hides the key to its violent pleasures. Could this mean a violent end for everyone?

Justice League # 62 will go on sale on June 1, priced at $ 3.99.

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